Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Dresden finish, and other successes...

In the hours last night when Royalty were partying, I was finishing off my Dresden mini-quilt.  I pondered about doing the circular quilting that Lynne had done on the QAL original, but again figured why put myself through the anguish of spoiling the whole thing when it was going so well!

I backed it with one of my favourite prints from the It's A Hoot line and shadow quilted the lot. 

I spray-basted, and it worked like a dream, and finished off with some chocolate binding left over from the Freebird and a little turquoise spotty extra for good luck.  The finished block is 31" square, and I am really pleased with how it came together, especially because, with the exception of the backing, it was made entirely of leftovers!

I also spent a little, well, OK a lot of time chosing some fabric for Sheila's Mystery QAL and placing another order with Prints To Polka Dots - it's not too late to join in everybody, the more the merrier, or is that mysterious!  I hope my fabric arrives next week as I am getting really excited!

And finally my little package from Trudi arrived this morning containing her fabric for the first month of the first Brit Bee.  There's some Giddy in there, and I am not at liberty to show or tell you much more until the blocks are safely back in Trudi's hands; however they will be accurately-measured and matched-seam versions of the BlindBob! 

Before I begin, I have to await the arrival of some new rotary blades I ordered last week, as my current one is now just a little bit blunt and too much of a liability on someone-else's fabric!


  1. Oh, its just lovely!! Really love your colours in in and that backing print is one of my faves too! I just finished binding mine this afternoon and waiting for DH to come out to help me photo it in the garden :-)

  2. Oops, I just followed the link and somehow I have bought some fabric, no idea how that happened!

  3. Wow to your dresden! Love the quilting, love the backing, love the chocolate binding (love that word chocolate!). Well done! Jxo

  4. I keep seeing finished Dresdens, well done you, it looks great. And, thanks for the plug, all are welcome to join the Mystery QAL.........

  5. Gorgeous Dresden, and I love the backing fabric :) Also good to hear about your spray basting experience. I have some 505 ready to go with the Supernova, haven't tried it before.

  6. Thanks for your comment - the bit about your mother made me laugh out loud (you and me both!) I totally agree about the rain last night, it was amazing, will add that to my list of possibles...

  7. Love the Dresden and your fabric choice for it. I got my bee fabric today too, but forgot to say so on my blog. Not going to attempt anything until my mum has left.

  8. I just tried spray basting for the first time recently and I LOVE it. I don't know why I ever bothered pinning quilts!

  9. The dresden is great and I love the fact that you added a bit of different fabric in the binding too.


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