Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm meant to be on holiday...

...but I have been working very hard!

Firstly I finished Stanley...

Then, as I had sorted out all my scraps on Sunday, in a timely fashion Aneela Hoey, oh lovely lady of the Sherbet Pips, posted about starting a crazy scrappy quiltalong - so I obviously had to sign up!

There's a linky somewhere on the left if you are interested.  The idea is to make 11" squares, but I am going to work with 6" ones, as many of my scraps are too teensy, and I am too eagar to to make lots of blocks, see...

Then I noticed that Prints to Polka Dots are doing a pre-order on Sherbet Pips, so I had to order some yardage to go with my charm packs; be quick people, the pre-order option is only open until Wednesday.

Then Lynne at Lily's Quilts posted the start of a tutorial for her Big Little George.

This is Lynne's 'example' so goodness know what sort of paper-pieced mess I am going to get into!

But up for a challenge, I got cutting and piecing and stitching and swearing and unpicking and re-stitching and eventually ended up with this...

OK, so the children were lucky to be fed, and dearest hubby feels like a total sewing-widow, but sometimes you have to go with the urge!


  1. Love your crazy scrappy squares!

  2. I saw Aneela's post too and would love to have a go, each block will be so different. Thx for the tip on Sherbert Pips btw :o)

  3. WOW those scrappy squares are fabulous. I am itching to try some of my own. Come on May 1!!!!!!

    I mean, OBsessed. GREAT scraps too :)

  4. Best always to follow urges i find. what great scraps - seems wrong to call them scraps !
    Love the dog.

  5. I love the various pink fabrics you have chosen!
    Isabelle x

  6. You have a great eye for colour - just love the squares! The orange ones you've just blogged about are gorgeous too. I've linked here from the S&P Facebook page - hope that's okay?

  7. Thank you. Link away!! The more the merrier!


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