Friday, 15 April 2011

A different type of experiment... and more of the same...

Another red and a chocolate brown are today's additions...

At the lovely tea shop I was sat next to a copy of Poppy Treffy's book Free and Easy Stitch Style.

Hmm I thought, how difficult can that be?

Well, with my machine and temperament, very!  Foot off, darning plate on (no such thing as dropping the feed dogs on my trusty steed), and off I went... creating a mass of knots on the underside and nothing as attractive on the top!

Unpicking and trying again... and again, until, with the foot back on, plate off and cajoling the fabric about a bit, I ended up with this...

I'm not convinced, but I know there are a couple of machine tweaks left to try.  I just wasn't in the mood for hours and hours of frustration (again!), so I quit before the swearing got too loud!  One of my 4 year olds took one look this morning and said 'hmm, sweet' in a matter of fact way and walked off; that's as near to a seal of approval as I can expect!


  1. Wow you're on a roll this week, loving your scrappy blocks! And your cupcake is so cute :-) I've wondered about that book a few times, is it worth getting?

  2. Aw your cupcake IS sweet - you've captured that adorable modern/vintage style. Not sure if your machine has something I call 'half tension' for free motioning. On mine I can drop the feed-dogs but I also have to engage part of the tension or it loops underneath. Just a suggestion. Try, try again! Jxo

  3. It's definitely a cup cake!! If you fancy turning it into a postcard i'll be up for a swap!!!

    Did you cut the fabric, then 'draw' round it? Or do the drawing first then trim the fabric? Maybe try the other way round? I didn't use a hoop when I did Mine, but I stitched onto fabric and pelmet interfacing, (to make postcards) so maybe that made it easier.

  4. Hands up who wants to know how Benta makes such lovely postcards?



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