Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More than half a century!

Oh happy day, I have reached the psychological milestone of having more than 50 followers! Thank you and welcome one and all!  I wish I had more to show you for your loyalty, but just another couple of scrappy blocks in my favourite scrummy citrus green today...

Today was filled with shopping for the Easter weekend, too long on the phone to an 'electrical giant' trying to resolve a problem with our microwave (argh!!), taxi to swimming lesson with doggy-paddling son, and spotting that I have merited a mention here, and here!

Tonight I am planning to fill this...

...with all the things I've committed myself to, so that I can work out if signing up for the possible Brit Quit Swap would be one too many plates in the air!


  1. Not possible to have too many plates, the more you've got, the more you do :)

    I've got that turquoise and lime green fabric in the top right corner of your pic (loving the blocks by the way), and I use it all the time, although I have no idea what it is :)

    Yeay to 50 followers, well done!

  2. Well done for reaching 50 followers!

    You go girl, although sometimes it's hard to juggle too many plates at one time....


  3. Just spotted your BritBee button, now plain confused, is this the same as the BritSwap??

  4. Woohoo!! congrats on your "followers" milestone!! I'm loving those scrappy blocks!!

    Enjoy your Easter break:-)


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