Friday, 1 April 2011

What a relief!

Anyone following me back in the days of trying to move home and getting all the school applications in on time, will be pleased, (well I hope so!) to hear that this morning we got the confirmation that the girls have places at the school we desperately hoped they would with their brother, just down the road.


So now I can relax, enjoy the weekend, and start by taking a look through my new Making and Sew Hip magasines (I spy Echino birdies on the cover!).

I am awaiting some Sanderson samples in order to make another fabric tray for my Mum.  Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow morning so I can whip that up before we see each other on Sunday.  If not, I'll look for some Plan B fabric...


  1. Good news about the school, nice to all be at the same one. Hope your fabric comes in time!

  2. well done on the school. Its so hard getting the right one. finding secondary schools for mine was such a worry! have fun making and enjoy mothers day. xx

  3. I picked my copy of sew hip up today too - not opening it until bedtime! And, I know I have some fabric coming my way for mothers day: can't wait!


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