Thursday, 30 September 2010

So much to do, sew little time...

I need more hours in the day, even with being awake at 4.30 every morning for the last month!

I eventually managed to get the holding page uploaded for my father; jumping the gun, trying to get it all set up before the wonder-web had time to be updated with the hosting request, so obviously I thought I was doing it incorrectly; a frustrating circle of aggravation!

I have a pile of fabric begging to be cut and quilted, a new crochet book unopened, bought in the hope that I could quickly get to grips with the basics and then give those beautiful flowers a go, thanks to lovely Annabelle, a pile of magasines left unread and I won't even begin to mention work or the house...

So the only thing that made me smile today was this lovely picture from Decorex

Clarissa Hulse, I heart you!

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