Sunday, 12 September 2010

A teaser..

I have sewn, trimmed and packed away the Freebird for the evening, all ready to start hand-sewing the binding tomorrow (something to look forward to - and on a work day, that is crucial!). I am not showing it to you again until it is finished.

The sun came out today, so it was all good in the Flying Bird household!

Yesterday we drove past, and pretty much ignored, a rather dull looking house for sale in a perfect place. A bit of online investigation revealed it was a 4 bedroom home, and well below our budget. Today's thoughts have revealed this. Options!


  1. I look forward to seeing this finished!

  2. The house thing again! I have seen these transformed properties (think company in Farnham, Surrey does them) ... great idea as 60s properties are generally less sought after and, therefore, cheaper, and also have fairly large airy rooms. Good way of finding larger property without having to raid a bank.

  3. I too am making a quilt using Freebird! In fact I've used it for the backing as well as in the blocks as I love it so much lol! Look forward to seeing your reveal :-)


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