Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Anyone for a cuppa?

I've wanted to post these pictures for the last week, but what with early-Ted and others things, I never got round to it before now!

When I finish work, I often have about 15 minutes before I need to collect the girls from nursery. Now, that's really not long, and is often spent in a queue in the Co-Op getting milk, but sometimes I have a quick look in the 2 charity shops on the parade.

More often than not there is absolutely nothing I would want to touch, never-alone take home, however there are those rare occasions that make the looking worth while!

These original 1960's melamine Gaydon Melmex cups and saucers are so simple and I think the colours are great, it's a shame there wasn't a green one to complete the set, but at £2 for the lot, I'm not complaining!

They will look lovely on our imaginary shelf, in our imaginary kitchen, in our imaginary new house!

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  1. These are great, I love Melamine and have sets of plates, dishes, mugs and cups and saucers but not in these shades...they are very pretty..great find!


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