Thursday, 9 September 2010

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours..

Today I came home to one of those annoying cards from the postman telling me that my and my husband's parcels had been returned to the Post Office and we must wait a frustrating 24hours (for him to cycle back?) until we can collect!

Now is it just me, but when a delivery is left with a neighbour, those little catch-up chats are what make neighbours more 'neighbourly'? When you don't really know anyone in your street, these are the occasions that you actually get to speak to people.

I am probably very anti-social, and you are no doubt thinking I should (literally) get out more, but when I am usually herding kids into or out of the car, laden with bags, glitter-covered pictures, junk models falling apart everywhere, and it is invariably raining, I just want to get indoors, sit down and have a cup of tea! Making small-talk is the last thing on my mind! However, the prospect of getting a parcel in return for a quick chat, well that's different!

I am going to make a concerted effort when (oh when?) we move, to meet the neigbours, and make friends. You guys are fantastic, and are welcome for a cuppa anytime, but the logistics won't make it very spontaneous!


  1. I live in a small road (30 houses) and we have a yearly street party, Xmas cocktail party, carol singing in the street, yearly meeting in the library to decide on future works, yearly 'clean up the street morning' (followed by Pimms) and occasional coffee morning for the ladies - we also have a theatre group and various outings together - very neighbourly - just takes some small group to organize. It is possible. Try it!

  2. I love these photo's from the 50's and 60's. When I was a child we knew all our neighbours, its not the same these days but since we moved to our street we have got to know a few.

  3. Annabelle, I want to live where you do even more now! You don't want to move at all do you, and I can't blame you.

    Is it an age thing? I think when I was in my 30s (only 3 months ago), I had no time for anyone but my family, maybe with tiny twins you feel even more as if the world is against you, and your double buggy, and you are only safe 'indoors' where your children can't get into trouble, run off or break other people's things.

    Now they, and I, are older, I am able to relax a bit, and remember that having some adult conversation would be good. (Work doesn't count - well not if you really don't want to be there and have nothing in common but 'the job' - don't get me started, that's for another day!!).

    I'm not having a mid-life crisis am I??


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