Monday, 6 September 2010

Summer's gone...

I went back to work today, and had to consciously force myself through the door; it's now raining too, so summer has definitely ended. I would be looking forward to cozy evenings quilting, but I am having a nervous breakdown every-time a see a bit of sock fluff on the carpet or a wonky cushion, so all those loose threads are not going to relax me - until we sell the house!

However I have spent the evening laying out and cutting the sections for the back of the Freebird quilt, I think it should turn out as planned...

Please excuse the terrible picture - the quilt is rather big, and I couldn't get it all in!

The girls and I stopped in at the library before school pick-up today, and I sadly handed back the Kaffe Fassett 'Quilts in the Sun' that I had already renewed, and had for the past 6 weeks. On the way out, it was sitting on the pile ready to go back on the shelf, so I grabbed it again and have another 3 weeks to look at the stunning pictures!


  1. Good luck with your house selling! I adore the little flying bird print in your circle above. :)

    I also like your blog title - very, very true for most of life, eh? :)


  2. Thank you - the Freebird fabric just seemed too good to cut up, hence the large strips!

    I think 'headless chicken' seems to be my current birdy state of mind!

  3. Hi there, cannot contact you any other way (why not put 'Flying Blind' on your details so we can contact you other than by Google Friends Connect - many chose not to belong to this!) You are a winner!!! - annabelleserendipity.blogspot.com Do send your address to me via my site. Annabelle

  4. Hi Annabelle - hopefully everything has 'crossed in the ether' - I was posting as you were adding this comment!!

    (Should be able to email via my profile page, but I have emailed you too, so hopefully everything with match up in a minute!!)


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