Monday, 27 September 2010

It was 7 years ago today...

You've heard the one about my sister, well today it's my turn!

We got married on a sunny day in Arundel, surrounded by our favourite people.  Sadly we have lost 7 of our loved ones in the years that have followed, but we have increased by at least 14, baby Ted being the latest addition.

Even after all the other weddings we have been to since, ours was still the best, and most perfect day, and I would not have changed anything even with hindsight!

Last year we spent the day travelling back from Lake Como, today we spent the morning looking at houses - and dare I say it, we think we have found 'the one' - quite apt for an anniversary.  I will say no more until we have worked out how on Earth we are going to do the deal, not having sold ours yet...but we are making 'plans'...


  1. many congratulations on your happy anniversary! what a lovely pic, you look positively golden :-) all things crossed re: the house - good luck!
    (PS finished my Freebird quilt @ the weekend, whoo hoo!)

  2. Have you posted any pictures? I would love to see yours to see how differently they turned out in the end x

  3. I don't have a blog (no time!) but you can view the pics here on Picasa :)
    don't look too closely, this is only my second quilt lol!


  4. Terri, that is beautiful! I love it, and the binding is superb! It's huge, I had enough problems with mine, and it's probably only half the size. I think I will have to try something other than squares and your triangles look really excellent. You must be really proud of yourself, big gold star from me (actually a green/jealous one) x

  5. Thanku very much thats very kind of you :-) I have decided my next quilt (for my daughter's new mini) is going to be squares....... as I had so much flippin trouble trying to piece the triangles - lol!

  6. Many happy Anniversary wishes are flying thru cyber-space to you!! and good luck with the new house!

    Have a great day!

  7. Lovely photo ... now I can see where the beautiful little ones get their looks from!


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