Thursday, 23 September 2010

Round and around...

This afternoon, a good deed for my father resulted in the girls and I driving round an industrial estate, in the rain, chased by a fleet of re-cycling bin-lorries, trying to locate a chandlers for about 30 minutes before I had to stop and phone them up and ask to be guided in!

All this for 200 tiny ferrules for some my father's stained glass creations - I will get some photos for you to see (of the stained glass, not the ferrules), as he is working up his 'stock' for Crafts at Lancing College in October.

The venue is like something out of Harry Potter and hopefully the pre-Christmas show will be a big success.  If you are in the area on 23rd/24th October, I can obviously recommend it.  I am hoping for some inspiration, and who knows, maybe next year I'll have made so many quilts I'll need (or rather, be told) to sell some!

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