Saturday, 25 September 2010

One year ago today...

...my little sister got married in Varenna, Lake Como, surrounded by friends and family.  She had travelled there from New Zealand with her now-husband, to have the most scenic, perfect wedding they could imagine. 

The groom's brother and family were there, timed to coincide with their European trip, and about 30 of 'us' came from the UK, France and Finland.  As a group, we took over the tiny town, especially the hotel and bar ; the next day in Bellagio we bumped into someone we knew round every corner!

With the passing of time it has become a lovely memory - the reality was sleep-deprived, full of toddler tantrums and a journey that had involved a 4am start, car to Gatwick, bus from the long-stay car park, aeroplane to Milan, bus to Milan (the real Milan, not the airport 30k away!), train to Varenna and a 20 minute walk (up-hill) all in time for lunch the day before the 'big day'.  Obviously she's my sister and worth it, and Phileas Fogg would have been proud!

Today I spent the afternoon at a 5th birthday party with the girls, whilst hubby and son went to Arundel Castle.  Not quite as romantic!


  1. I so loved reading this as it exactly mirrors my son's wedding this year in NZ where 40 friends and family took over a small town for six whole weeks. Memory of a lifetime. Dare not post on my blog as family and friends wish to remain totally anonymous! Arundel looks great - must visit soon.

  2. Also ... see you did not fathom out the link thing ... just join your own site and then at least you will come up when people click on your logo!!! Please ... hate to lose your site.

  3. How difficult was it for me to find a wedding photo that did not incriminate the innocent!

    I will persevere with the linking - I will test on my husband's computer until it works, that or Mr Whizz-kid will have to pop round for tea!


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