Saturday, 4 September 2010

The big 50!!

50th blog post today - well I could have posted something a couple of days ago, so apologies for the radio-silence, but I wanted to make my 50th a good one and I needed some interesting stuff to show and tell - hope I have succeeded!

So what has been happening? Dear Son went back at school and is loving it, the sun has kept shining and I have been pretty busy with lots of lovely things.

The monkeys have come along a treat, I have just got their eyes to stitch now, then the whole family will be complete.

My Prints to Polka Dots package came, and I am loving the colours even more in 'real-life'. The Amy Butler 'August Fields Poppies' is lovely, and I am looking forward to using it as a backing as it is just too special to cut up! The smaller pieces will be used for a baby quilt (hopefully). The yard of Freebird is destined for the eponymous quilt.

Today saw a superb family trip to Hever Castle. I must admit I had an ulterior motive, The Quilters' Guild show. Having wandered the beautiful gardens, eaten a picnic surrounded by ducks and swans, and packed the children off with Daddy and Grandpa to the adventure playground, Mum and I enjoyed a look at all the amazing quilts and stalls.

Now I have to admit that most of the quilts on show were not to my taste at all, but I could appreciate the absolute skill and passion that the makers have. The intricate detailing and perfect hand-stitching were amazing, really awe-inspiring. I took a few photos, but not having sought permission from the ladies in person, I feel posting them would be a bit rude, so if you are free tomorrow (and not in the southern hemisphere!) you should pop along and see for yourselves! Click here...

I bought a trusty charm pack, and a small piece of Heather Bailey's Pop Daisy, and I NEVER come away from anywhere without a 'bag'!

Hever Castle is just so picturesque and the gardens are immaculate. After the Maize Maze fun we had in Cornwall, we gave both the yew and water mazes a miss! But I want a garden with herbs like this:

Whilst photographing my increasing stash, I think I am developing an unhealthy attraction to selvedges! Is it me, or are they just fascinating and crying out to be made into something special themselves? I remember seeing some pin-cushions once upon a time, so I will add this to my 'One day...' list!

So many wonderful projects and so little time (plus back to work on Monday, boo-hiss).

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