Sunday, 19 September 2010

Out and about...

Today we had a lie in!

Then we took a drive out to look at houses, or rather locations, streets and playgrounds just to try and get a feel. I may sound a bit mad, but I also wanted to check out the quality of the 'rubbish' around the village green opposite one particular house!! I figured, if on a Sunday morning there were loads of empty cans, bottles or worse, then it might not be as perfect as it looks driving past. There was no rubbish!

We then took a stroll up to a beautiful little church; I am already day-dreaming about traipsing through the snow to the Christmas Eve midnight service. OK, so it rarely ever snows at Christmas, and I go to church even more infrequently, but we are talking about a life-changing and enhancing move, and a girl has got to dream!

Afterwards we had lunch in Arundel, followed by a quick shop in Spark's Yard for a first/paper anniversary present for my sister and brother-in-law. I settled for some paper bunting.

I loved this display they had on their stairway.

I took a few snaps of the most lovely shops too, including fabric buttons & beads, which I have mentioned before.

Plumtree of Arundel was full of amazing Greengate homewares. This Danish company looks gorgeous, very similar to Cath Kidston, the online catalogue says it all . Hubby and children were impatiently waiting for me in the car at this point, so I will have to venture back alone another day (do I always say that!?).

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