Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Travellin' Pic Stitch...

It's my turn at last!!  It seems like an age ago that Laura and Katy asked for volunteers to join them on their travels, and what travels they have been!

So I had a ponder, as is my way, and tried loading a few pics into the Play Crafts palette builder to firstly come up with my colour scheme.

I thought I would stay local, a local block for local people everyone!

For those who don't know this part of the UK, I live on the beautiful South Downs about 10 miles north of the West Sussex coast.  I work and previously lived in Worthing, a seaside town, predominately inhabited by the older generation.  On a sunny day, coach loads of even more older people descend to look at the sea.

Anyway, I tried some pics from my village...

A bit dull?

Some of the autumnal foliage...

A bit too, um, yellow?

A trip to the beach on a cloudy day...
Too grey, and too brown.

Another trip to the beach on a sunny day...


So I showed you my first attempt before...

Shocking to say the least!  But there was deep thought going on here, see those little diamonds on the front of the beach huts and everything!  I don't usually throw away any fabric but these, once they were partially sewn, were so horrible, dear friends, they went in the bin!

And so to my beloved Sizzix-cut hexies.  Now these I adore.  There was no plan other than fabrics I love and random.  So much more me...

A bit of a cheat?  Well the text print is from Crabtastic, and we all know that the British seaside is where you go to eat fish & chips out of old newspaper!

I immediately made this into a whopping Open Wide zipper pouch and have been using it for hexying on-the-go ever since!

So there you have it, my interpretation of my locality at its best.

Thank you for stopping by if you are new to my blog, and thanks to Laura and Katy for a superb idea, even if they were the only ones who actually got to gad about the Wiki-wiki Wild Wild West.

Tomorrow my lovely friend Sara of Sew Sweetness takes the TPS baton, and I cannot wait to see what she has come up with.

Don't forget that on 30th November everyone can link up for a chance to win these fabulous prizes!

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  1. Very beautiful pouch! You are right, the hexies are nicer than your first try. And I love the crabtastic newsletter print!
    How exciting to read that you live in Sussex. Are you near Lewes, where the Carleston Farm House is? As a fan of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant I am dreaming of visiting it for ages now. Have you been there?

  2. Your pouch is lovely and yes, definitely more you! I thought I was listening to the opening credits of Susannah and Trinny when I was reading your post. Too big...too small! :-)

  3. A perfect fish and chip pouch! Now, that's a first!

  4. What's wrong with yellow!?

    Great hexy pouch though and now I want some fish and chips! Yum!

  5. Gorgeous prints / colours! Must try one of these zippers....

  6. The first one was pretty but not at all you and I love the hexie bag, very seasidey! Great prints. The wiki wiki wild wild west made me laugh out loud!!

  7. Perfect end result, much more you! And yes, the wild west, complete with obnoxious cowboys ;o)

  8. Love the fabrics that you put together!

  9. I enjoyed your train of thought checking out the colours with the photo's and I go along with you...your final product is just perfect. Well done!

  10. Oh that IS so much more you! You can make even hexies look good! /) tham
    Nks for playing a
    Ong, see you on the 30th!

  11. love it! that is the perfect fabric for you!

  12. Loving the hexies, but then I think I may have become obsessed with them! So easy to cut with that Sizzix die :o)

  13. Brilliant! Love the colours, and love that it is something useful already.

  14. Fab pick of colours. They make a good bag too. Di x

  15. Fab hexi's! And fab zipper too!

  16. Love your colours and your project

  17. The hexie pouch is lovely, and oh how I miss English fish and chips

  18. Hey what now?? Does my moving to Worthing put me in the "Older Generation" category?? My gosh the locals are in for a few shocks LMAO!!!
    Nice pouch. Which could be read as really rude in some circles. Just saying. :P

  19. You interpreted your photo beautifully and also made a perfect pouch for your EPP travel projects.

  20. I adore the bag, just perfect for hexie work. I have never tried text print but really like the effect here.

  21. I love the end result, the pouch is so cool, especially with the texty background.

  22. love your pouch - so pretty! you've gone bloghoptastic this week Hadley! And especially liked the league of gentleman reference :)


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