Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Some days I really struggle to think of something worthy of telling you (don't pretend you haven't noticed!), but other days I have difficulty knowing what to choose - today I have loads to show and tell!

So for now, I am going with the 'kindness of friends'.

Since coming back from holiday I have received some lovely pieces of post, a pretty Thank You from Victoria, who blogs at Boutique Uniquely, makes lovely things and received one of my PIF packages; and I also got some 'winnings'!!

Yes I do sometimes win - I was so lucky to get these beautiful Denyse Schmidt and Tina Givens from the lovely ladies Reene and Yvonne over at Nellies Niceties; fellow Brit Bee Fiona was their overall winner, I was 3rd, you really should check out the fantastic apron she received - I think 'pinnies' should be the new 'hoodies', but it won't solve the problem those poor boys suffer not being able to pull their f-ing trousers up over their skinny butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, I digress and I want to show you these...

Lovely lovely Sarah, oh she of Narcoleptic In The Cupboard, who was my partner in the Brit Quilt Swap and received my full-on Skull quilt package, and recently her August Bee blocks and birthday bits - well, she unexpectedly sent me this most wonderful thank you.  The mug rug is totally brilliant and hilarious and will be given pride of place on my desk when I go back to work - move over files and keyboards (I have 2, don't ask), I am going to put this right there, in the middle of my workspace!

The noughts and crosses are made of the most brilliantly twisted and funny Japanese print of murderous critters which Sarah deemed suitable for your Master O - she was completely right, he, and we all love it!  I seem to have forgotten to explain the rules and tactics to the small folk, so the winning goes on!

And then there's some fab 'softies' to make up...

Sarah, you are such a great, talented and remarkable friend, and I am such a lucky lady to know you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies xxx


  1. Lovely goodies. I am told the whole wearing your trousers showing your pants is a gang related thing - or that's where it's origins came from. If you're pants are showing then you must have your big brothers hand me down trousers on and therefore shouldn't get picked on or big brother will come knocking...It's still makes people look like right idiots and I bet they can't run for a bus ;-)

  2. Aww lovely stuff Hadley, and much deserved I'm sure x
    and Sarah, noughts and crosses, you've outdone yourself, brilliant idea!)

  3. Lol at the trousers :-) reminded me of the Miranda sketch :-) Glad you liked your goodies :-)

  4. aww shucks, thank YOU for my birthday treats! glad you and the monsters like them :-)

  5. Love that woman sitting at the sewing machine - had to make it bigger to read it - might get me some of those pills!

  6. You're so lucky! Both because of all of the goodness you have AND because you have a fab circle of Brit Bee friends. The blogging community is fab, isn't it?

  7. Hee hee, love the mug rug. BTW, haven't your IT department offered you a switch box so you don't need 2 keyboards? Or are you unlucky like me and work at a bank that has weird keyboards alongside the regular ones?

  8. pinnies for hoodies. yes lets start a campaign. i don't mind making a few. poor little squirrel - i hope the fire goes out! x

  9. Wow you are one lucky lady. Love that owl stuffy! Of course you probably already knew that hehehehe

  10. Fantastic goodies, lucky duck!! Love Posie

  11. God, you make me laugh. And that package from Sarah is brilliant. As is everything else you got.

  12. What lovely goodies! I love the idea of making thugs wear aprons! There are some great photoshopped images of looters with boxes of incontinence pads, and pink poodles, and maypole dancing. I heard that the trousers thing was based on prisoners not having belts so their trousers fall down, I wonder how the have the nerve to do anything wrong as they'd have a problem running away after! Now off to follow your links, ta :-)


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