Thursday, 1 September 2011

Awesome August!

A whole month of school holidays passed by in a flash!  So here I am again linking up with Lily's Quilts and Fresh Sewing Day.

We took a week away near Weymouth and had another week of family time, but I still managed to clock up a few finishes in August.

Firstly, I was able to reveal the mini-quilt prize I made for Rhonda at the end of July...

There were Bee blocks for Sarah...

... and also an eventual finish with a zip! ...

Phone cases...


... and a little Mystery...

A mini prezzie for Lizzie...

FWQAL blocks at long last...

... and my first 241 Tote...

I was lucky enough to win some lovely fabric from both Lizzie and Renee & Yvonne, plus a Jelly Roll from Mandy at Simply Solids; I got a spot on Rhonda's podcast and Cindy's Name Game, and also won a place in Pings' Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge!!

Some wonderful pressies came my way too...

There was the start of the Across the Sea QAL...

... and also a little shopping and behind the scenes preparation for my November Bee blocks (Mwaah ha ha - so excited!), and quite a bit of secrecy with Project 51, which I am so proud to say can be revealed really soon.

Oh, and this bargain baby...

I have to admit that even I am surprised at how much I was able to fit in!

September is going to be an even busier month, with Goodie swaping, QALs and the competition to make for.  School will be back and the girls will be starting for the first time on Tuesday!  I go back to work next week too and I'm shattered just thinking about it. 

Anyone got any energy going spare, I think I am going to need extra!


  1. Blimey Hadders you've had one heck of a month - BTW my sister was in Weymouth at the same time as you - I wonder if you rubbed shoulders! And what is project 51 - email me in secret, I won't let on. I promise.

  2. Flippin heck! Thats a lot of stuff done! :)

  3. wow - busy, busy, busy - sounds like you need a bit of a rest - but then, you won all that loot too so you'll now have to do something with that......excellent

  4. I can't believe how much you have made - quite puts me to shame! It all looks so lovely too.

    Pomona x

  5. I cannot believe how much work you got through...I love the owl quilt!

  6. You have made really really cute things. I love the owl!

  7. I know we've seen all the projects individually, but when they're all together it's clear you have been a very busy girl!! Such a lot if loveliness! Project 51 sounds intriguing, hope you share soon!

  8. I'm exhausted just reading this post. Get the Red Bull in for September! Jxo

  9. Wow. If you get that much done when the kids are on holiday, how much more will you get done when they're back at school?! Love the owl. How big is mini?

  10. Slow down. You're making the rest of us look like sloths!

  11. Busy,busy you! And famous to boot with all your guesting appearances! After seeing your gorgeous tote I had to buy the pattern to give it a go!

    Really love them all but that bee is bee-autiful!

  12. another amazing month missus, you rock :-)

  13. So, uh, a pretty slow month then... Great job on all of it, I will sit quietly in awe!

  14. wow! the pink owl, the fwqal, the 241, the hexies, etc, etc. what a gorgeous batch of work for one month!

  15. I like your recap of the month. Your month sure has a lot more to show for it than MY month does!!

  16. Cor Blimey! Gordon Bennet! Hadders, no wonder you feel knackered *sniggers* That was a lot you packed in, just reading the post tired me out lol

  17. Please slow down and give us slackers at the back a chance!! I can't believe you squeezed all this into one month!

    P.S. My word verication is 'lessless'...think someone's trying to tell me something!!

  18. yay! to productivity :) what a lovely month ... you are sending me that bag, aren'tcha?

    LOL - my screencaptcha was 'humble'!!


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