Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Smile if you can!

I currently can't.   The double dose of anaesthetic I had at the dentist this afternoon has not quite worn off - but tooth all fixed, although feeling a bit odd, and now starting to feel like I have been punched hard in the face!

I have a lot to smile about though...

I distracted myself by diving into the goodie making this morning, successfully, (although I wouldn't boast perfection), getting my vision completed. 

I had a bit of a worry that i) it wouldn't work - it did; ii) the fabric wouldn't 'fit' - oh it did, perfectly and iii) that my partner wouldn't actually like the long awaited prints - she does!  Hee hee, I am a stalker extraordinaire!

Can I show you?  Afraid not my friends, because... all will become clear, hopefully next week, if the posties play nicely! 

Oh OK, just another glimpse, if it'll stop the moaning!

So other things to smile about...

A while ago, my lovely friend Lizzie Allen gave me her option to buy some of the new Denyse Schmidt Sugar Creek fabrics for JoAnns, being bought back from the US by one of the Wee Pixie Charlotte's friends.  We did a bit of wheeler-dealing yesterday, and this morning these arrived...

Love love love!  Did you get yours Fi?

Not to smile about, having to pick up dear son early, and for ease the girls too, immediately after the dentist, whilst I was still dribbling.  He was feeling poorly, and then he had to miss his first, very long awaited Beavers session.  He's fine, just got this nasty cough and cold.

So another full and eventful day off in my neck of the woods; hope you had lots to smile about today x


  1. Poor O, you can assure him Beavers will be tgere next week! Yummy fabrics, not what you know, but who you know? hope the dribbling has finished. Are you enjoying FG on tv? lol

  2. Gorgeous DS bundle, mind and keep it at arms length til you stop dribbling ;-)
    Give the wee man a big cuddle for me x

  3. Hope your anaesthetic wears off soon so you can drink without dribbling but I also hope that you're pain free when it does - did you get a sticker for being brave? Gorgeous, gorgeous DS fabric and I love the sneak peek at your goody - can't wait to see it in all its glory!

  4. Love your DS fabrics! Tooth thing sounds horrid. Hope the drooling stops soon and if it doesn`t it`s probably the DS fabrics.

  5. Fun fabrics! Hope you and your son are feeling better soon!

  6. You're such a tease! Hope the mouth is tingling nicely. Love your DS fabrics. Jxo

  7. mmmm....lovely fabric....both in your little package and in your goodie! I can't wait to see more!!! You're such a meanie with the teases :)

  8. Hope the dribbling has stopped and you're feeling better!
    Great fabrics - what are you going to do with them??

  9. Oh poor sausage, dentist visits suck! Love that yellow cross-hatch fabric, what is it?

  10. Could you take a photo of yourself while you are still drooling from a lopsided face - and then post it please. Thanks! Inclined to agree with Sarah, best stay away from that gorgeous Sugar Creek until you know it is safe.

    Hope your little man is fighting fit again in the morning. Poor him. It doesn't take long for those germs to start being passed around. It'll be nits next!

    PS: I do hope your tooth is completely fixed and you are done with the dentist!

  11. When my son started beavers he was so upset I stayed and ended up there for 5yrs, long after he had moved on!

  12. Poor you - hate that dribbly effect - it just isn't civilised!

    Nice fabric though - sort of helps - I hope!

  13. Huh, you call that photo satisfactory?! Much foot tapping here!

    Hope you've stopped dribbling, and the wee man's fighting fit and off to Beavers again soon

  14. Oh honey, hope you're feeling better today? Not drooling too much I hope? I am... over those DS fabrics. Love sugar creek, but I'm on a fabric diet.

  15. oh, poor you and your young man: hope all gets better soon. That sneaky peak is giving nothing away!!

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  17. Poor you! I hate colds (pulled a sickie due to one!) Those DS fabrics look as sweet as the name, and would look perfect with my other DS fabrics!


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