Wednesday, 7 September 2011


***Firstly, the missing book bag was ready and waiting when we arrived at school this morning, so it was all smiles as I left the girls for their second morning.  Phew!***

The last couple of mornings alone have resulted in a mass of making and a haircut!  After yesterday's delightful weather and complete bad hair day, I got chopped back into shape straight after drop-off today, just like the photo of me here in Vogue Jennifer's Saturday Spotlight; so I feel and look much better and actually got what I asked for, always a result!

So on to the making...

I have finally finished this...

...Lining it, as I'd hoped, with the aqua crosshatch and making quite a good job at the seams where the lining and the open-edges meet, even if I do say so myself. 

Sewing up close to the handles, even using the zipper foot was a little awkward, wood does not bend, who knew?  So if I were to make one again, I would leave longer pieces of fabric at the top; but all in all I am rather in love with my hexie bag; now I just need to go somewhere that requires me to take along some sewing!

Then I got cracking with my Across The Sea quilt top, managing a finish before the peace was well and truly broken...

I decided not to cut into the remainder of the layer cake squares that I had put aside for the border, as they were going to introduce new patterns, rather too many colours and generally spoil the purple and green vibe I had originally opted for. 

So my border alternates between pattern and background fabric - obviously it wasn't going to work out perfectly, but I hope I 'bodged' the opposite corners with enough aplomb to carry it off.  Thinking about it afterwards, this quilt will spend it's life crumpled and used, not pressed flat and hung to scrutiny, so I am more than happy to have it like this. 

I've got a mild case of 'quilting jitters' already though, it is rather large!

I have made Susan's siggy block so I can get her Bee blocks in the post and now I need to concentrate on my remaining makes for the Mug Rug and Goodie Swap.

There is the little matter of the Mystery QAL that I have definitely not forgotten Sheila, honestly, as well as a tonne of other things, but I've made a start.

I have begun my Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge though.  I needed to get a few made before school started as the PE Bags disappear into oblivion until Half Term and I wanted them on the girl's book bags from day one, (fat lot of good that was eh!), but not so sure I want to post pics yet. 

Not that the competition can copy, but I want them to imagine something so fantastic, get in a panic and muck up with nerves; however, I fear any wobbly seams will be the result of laughing too much at my meagre efforts!

So there you go, back to work again tomorrow and all 3 kiddos will be in school for the full day, so here's to the next 12 years or so!


  1. love your CP quilt - good luck with the quilting! :-/

  2. Love the QAL top - put it in the wrong comment box, sorry! So glad the bookbag turned up - did that child go home with two?!! The hexie bag is great - think you should use it a pick up time, as long as it's stopped raining!

  3. Love the QAL top! It can't be that be huge! My Maple Leaf is about 70" inches square and that's huge.

  4. Oh that last sentence..............!!
    Glad you haven't forgotten the Mystery, I think I finished everybody off with Tippecanoe but the end is in sight, honest.
    Love your hexie bag and the quilt - crumpled and used made me think of my 20mph rule - hang it from your front door, drive past at 20mph - can you spot the mismatched seams etc? No, didn't think so.

  5. Whew! Thank goodness the bag re-appeared! Your QAL top is so pretty! I really like the border.

    So nice of you not making the other Japanese Scrap ladies scramble to keep up :)

  6. You must have been sewing like a demon today! Fab hexie bag! And your central park looks lovely in the crosses quilt. Love the way you've graded the shades - what an artist! Jxo

  7. You obviously cannot procrastinate as well as I can! Love it all - bag, quilt top, found book bag. Good day had by all then!

  8. Hexie bag has turned out absolutely lovely! And the across the sea is really fab too. Awfully nice of you not to scare the pants off us fellow japanese scrappers with your super speedy progress ;-)

  9. I just love your across the sea quilt - it is super pretty. You've got a lot on the go. It looks like you were stocking up for when the kids were occupied in class!

  10. OH! and your hexie bag is TO DIE FOR. So, so pretty and beautifully made!

  11. I think I`ve missed a post ...bag? what missing bag? Before I pop off to look, I love,seriously love your border on the QAL top. It`s genius and looks absolutely beautiful. I`ve had serious tension problems today...with my machine and then me as a result so your mention of large and quilting worries me. Hexie bag is lovely too and has a great retro vibe going on. Thought you were going to say you`d had layers cut into your hair...now that would have been creepy!

  12. Loving the hexie bag, it came out great!

    Also liking how you've done the border on your QAL, that's given me an idea. I was also not leaping for joy at some of the remnants in my layer cake. (And I'm also quaking at the thoughts of quilting that thing!)

    Good luck with the rest of your list!

  13. Oh, dude! Your across the sea quilt is just beautiful! I love that pattern.

  14. Yay for book bags, and hexi bags (I'm in love) and quilts! I can hardly find time to even read blogs this week! Next week should be better

  15. Fabulous strategy for the Challenge!

  16. If your littles are anything like my son it will be the first of many items lost at school....but I'm the upset one as I count the cost of mislaid items!

    Your makes are fab - love quilt and updated hexy bag - what a makeover!

  17. Hexi bag is fab! As is your Across the Seas QAL top, just how big is it? Big is a doddle :) Honest! Mwahahhhaaahhhhaaa!

  18. lovely stuff Hadley ... and I'm so impressed at your self restraint on the scrap bag challenge ... (or are you sending sneak peeks to Sarah narcoleptic just to freak her out? LOL!) x

  19. Really gorgeous hexie bag. I'm completely in love with it. Across the Sea looks wonderful as well. Wow, you have lots going on...


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