Friday, 9 September 2011

Partner's Choice...

Thank you kind folks who alerted me to my Ruby Star Spring 241 Tote picture appearing over at Quilt Dad's today - how completely chuffed am I!  The man's a genius, and I'm not just saying that!

Well I didn't get to pull all the fabric I'd planned last night, but I was able to narrow things down a bit.   Then using my new 'hour of peace' between work and school run, I am now able to give one of my Goodie Swap partners a bit of a choice.

So which do you reckon?

I need to get a move on though, as some people are all ready to mail.  Some of my potential fabric is still mid-Atlantic, so if it doesn't come soon, it'll be Plan B for one partner!

This weekend I am determined to get rid of this cough and cold that has been bugging me for the last couple of weeks, hopefully go to the Sheep Fair, weather permitting and catch up on some ironing, oh lucky me!  I hope there'll be time and energy for sewing, lots of sewing x


  1. Oh I couldnt possibly be that lucky twice... but just in case, I'd go top bundle ;-) Hope you do feel better soon - up the fresh fruit and have some honey every day. Take care x

  2. It's not up to me but I love option 2!! I hope your cough and cold vanish overnight and your fabric appears through the door in the morning (or if your post is anything like mine mid-afternoon!). Enjoy the Sheep Fair!

  3. I am sure a weekend spent with sheep will cure any cold. Won't it?!

  4. Hope you get rid of your nasty cold. I'm a bit intrigued by the Sheep Fair. What goes on there?
    I'd go for the second option, but the first one is pretty too :)

  5. I like option 2 the best. But only by a sheeps whisker. And I think I know who you are making for. Because - and hang on I need to get my sleepy head round this but if we're making for two partners we must have two partners each no? Of course I've been sure I knew who you were making for in another swap too lol. Hope you are feeling better and yes do tell us what goes on at a sheep fair. I have visions of them eating candyfloss, fishing for goldfish and going on the dogems but I suspect it's not that kind of fair ;-)

  6. Woohooo, check you out and your famous freinds! I'm sure it wouldn't take THAT many bees to make you a skirt!

  7. Come on, Sheep Fair! I too would love to know what you do at a Sheep Fair, but I love any fair of any kind. Take me too, please!

    Oh, your fabrics are pretty! I had a rough time choosing a fav, mostly because I really like the two orange dotty patterns in both photos. In the end, I'd go with the bottom photo, but you can't go wrong.

    I know! Some folks are ready to post already! I am not, but we still have a bit of time to catch up with the speedsters.

  8. Why aren't I doing this Goodie Swap?! I love the first choice :)
    Hope you're feeling better. I want to see some action on the Japanese scraps!
    I guess now you're Quilt Dad's BFF you can sort out some lovely hand-me-downs for your twin girlies ;)

  9. Bonjour. Jai adore (?) both choices (I've given up on French!)

    Bon nuit x x x

  10. Oooh, oooh, #2 please :oD

    Congrats on the feature, hope you're feeling much better soon

  11. You have my sympathy on the cold bit. I've got one as well. I'm a sucker for purple, but I think I like option #2 better. Those little birds are so awesome in general.

  12. Top bundle please...hope you get to the sheep fair and you shake off the lurgy soon.

  13. I'm so glad I'm friends with famous people! I love all your fabrics cos you've got such good taste. Baaaaaa! Jxo


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