Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What was I going to say?

Well the excitement of that football match, (poor Brazil), meant I didn't show you the little instant gratification I indulged in beforehand last night.  Sorry.

It may be a bit 2012, but I felt like using up some of my selvedges, not that I have masses, but enough for a good rummage.

So another little needle book…

I used some lovely felt from Eternal Maker, and a little of Aneela's Hello Petal dots for the lining…

It is roughly 4" square and I am thinking will become home to all my new needles and pins for FQR.

Oh I never told you the full saga of the needles did I!?

I ordered a pack of Chenille size 24 from John Lewis.  Picked them up in store and was so flabbergasted by the football sized box they came in, I didn't notice until I got home that they were a size 22.  I rang Customer Services, they said I could keep them and they would send me another pack.  Pack 2 arrived, um, size 22.  I rang again, replacement offered.  2 days later, another pack of size 22!

So the warehouse was asked to actually check they had some 24s.  They didn't.  So I am getting a £15 voucher for my trouble, as well as a refund.

The replacements are already on their way from eBay.

The moral of this story… I am not entirely sure!


  1. Hope you get the ones you want! At least JL didnt make you go to the bother of returning them!

  2. Are you watching tonight's game... I do not know if I want to keep watching. I am tired and if we win , the noise outside will wake me up anyway. It is almost midnight, and if they keep up this game it may be penalties as 01:00 AM. We have to be at school tomorrow at 8:30...
    Oh my word... That was almost a goal for Argentina.
    I better turn off the tv and go to bed... :-)

  3. better than Tesco customer service. I bought hot dogs for our 4th July tea and they were 10 days out of date. Quote "well, you'll have to go and get some more from the shelf then " Moi? And indeed I did, and the rest of them were out of date too.

    1. They can be fined £1000 for each pack that's out of date by the health inspector!! Wow, that's awful!

  4. Hope you have lots of size 22 projects planned. What is a chenille needle size 24 anyway? Oh ignorant me!

  5. A good result, eventually, and I'm not talking footie.

  6. WHAT!?!? Hilarious. You could open a stall at the market selling size 22 needles.

  7. Where did you get the 24s from....just in case I need them? And we all know where to get those 22 from!

  8. So will you be flogging size 22 needles at FQR then???

  9. moral of story is , 24 does not make 22 but gets you some vouchers.. the needle pad is lovely. x

  10. I'm still trying to imagine how humungous size 24 needles are!

  11. That story gave me a chuckle.

  12. Free is always good! I am sure you will enjoy spending the voucher too. x

  13. very cute, look forward to seeing it in the flesh!


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