Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Public Service Announcements...

I feel it is my duty to share the love from time to time, plus I have a blogiversary coming up, so if you keep coming back, more good things could happen!

Today I have been stitching up something festive and secret, but I can give you the sneakiest of peaks of something else…

I have a quilt hiding on the cover of this soon to be released magazine and I am so excited.  I am keeping the best company, and can't wait to get my hands on a real-life copy.

If you have not subscribed in eager anticipation, what are you waiting for!?  You need to take advantage of the most excellent offer - 3 issues of Quilt Now for £5, yes only five pounds; but you only have until Monday to make the most of this deal.   So get to it, you know you will regret it if you don't, and I will say I told you so!

One magazine that I have been subscribed to for many a year is good old Mollie Makes.  Just as I was pondering cancelling said subscription, too much wool, not enough fabric; they win me back! 

Now I usually chuck re-cycle all the junk mail as soon as I have opened the the plastic cover, you know all that crap no-one wants, never alone reads, but one piece of paper caught my eye - a free pom pom maker, (worth a whole £6.50 - more than the cost of the magazine!)…

So I stopped by Hobbycraft on the way home from work on Tuesday, and by the time I came back from after-school swimming, I had made 3!

All I can say is check out your junk people; sometimes there's a pearl, or rather pom pom in there waiting to be picked!!


  1. In my day we cut circles from cornflake boxes (i dont think any other cereals were available back then) to make our pompoms. That makes me sound about a hundred but I'm not.....quite!
    Cant wait for the new mag.

  2. I did ponder for a while about the subscription. I usually buy magazines if they catch my eye. The £5 for 3 swayed me however.....

  3. I gave in to the subscription offer a while back because I know previously you were worried what I would read in a power cut if I don't buy something printed from time to time ;-). Cute pom-poms!

  4. I might be in one of those mags too ;o)

  5. Great free gift! I remember making pom poms with my gran when I was little, we used cardboard circles with holes in the middle.

  6. I bought those pom pom makers (in all 4 sizes!) after seeing Kirstie Allsopp use them at Xmas, but I only got them out and tried them on Monady! They are brilliant!! I made pom poms for my FQR nametag!! I am making them all the time now and yarn bombing our trees!!

  7. I remember, back in the 70's, ordering a pompom maker from an ad in a craft magazine. It was called the 'Doodle Loom" and by using the various sizes you could glue them together to make small pompom animals. What more could a teenage girl want?!

  8. Already got my subscription and I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt in the mag - v exciting!

  9. Making pom poms. Now that takes me back a bit!


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