Thursday, 24 July 2014

100% Summer!!!

Yep, the holidays have begun, work is over for 6 weeks, and although my 3 little darlings don't exactly make for relaxing times, (we had washed the car by 9am this morning!), I know where I would rather be!

So after the early start, I had time to stitch a skinny bit of single-fold binding onto my sample from Thomas K's knotting class before the conservatory got too hot, and then scored a finish in the garden this afternoon…

I think this little thing, (it finished at 12" square) is rather sweet, and I can really see the appeal of hand quilting a whole-cloth quilt (aark at me!!).

I have also turned my hand-quilting sample from Jen K's class into a cushion, as predicted in my FAL listing; and now I only have to finish the binding on that.

And to aid me in my hand stitching quest and counteract my inability to thread, nay see a needle after 8pm, we have supplemented the useless-for-sewing ambient lighting with a new task light…

I am so chuffed!

So if you need me after dark, I'll be hanging out under my new lamp!


  1. How lovely to have 6 weeks off work. Well jealous here. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Can you get a tan off that lamp at the same time?? Love the knots, and I really fancy doing a wholecloth quilt, why are there never enough hours in the day!

  3. I can't live without my lamp now....not sure why I waited so long to get one!

  4. Great lamp - will it give you a tan too???? Jxo

  5. Thread a whole pack of needles onto your thread in the morning , before your eyes get too tired. Then just pull off a length of thread with the needle. When you have used all the needles, it's time for bed!

  6. I'm catching up again. I have loved reading all the posts about the retreat, it sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your long holiday, it is nice to be off work for a while.

  7. We washed the car yesterday too! I don't think you have enough cushions on your sofa btw ;) XX

  8. Any chance you can send the bairns (plus buckets and sponges) up country? My car could do with a wash...and they could try to bathe himself at the same time!

  9. I have a tulip lamp ... Just shows they aren't just for oldies!


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