Friday, 25 July 2014

Sofa so good...

I have been cracking on with my FQR finishes, which includes my hand-quilted cushion that I also presumptuously put on my FAL list…

After a couple of false starts and a little unpicking, I found my hand-quilting rhythm and stitch size, and then there was no stopping me!  I even flukily managed to maintain quite a decent backside, if I do say so myself!

I used a Hera marker to guide my stitching, and as one of many firsts on this cushion it, I was rather impressed that even with all the scrunching up the top got whilst quilting, I could still see where I was going.

I backed my cushion with some Clarke & Clarke home dec weight spots, put in a concealed zip and used some of my favourite Liberty Lifestyle print for binding, and I don't use that unless I am particularly chuffed with something!

I need something else to hand quilt now, honestly I am going to make things just so I can!  I have even pulled out my Midnight At The Oasis today, which has lain unloved for about 6 months, and got my appliqué action on at last.  I think that one certainly deserves the hand-quilting treatment.

So onto the rather over-crowded but oh-so-pretty sofa it has gone…

I should photograph the view from the sofa really, to assure you that I haven't covered the whole house!

Well the weather has cooled a little this evening, we managed about 45 minutes at the park earlier, before the thunder started, and made it home just before the rain.  Not sure what this weekend has in store, but I am guessing it won't be a patch on the fun and games of last weekend.


  1. It's well deserving of that binding! Gorgeous cushion! Glad you love hand quilting and can't wait to see you do more :) And you thought hand sewing binding was good!!

  2. Hurrah for hand quilting! Fab cushion missus, and your sofa looks gorgeous! Rx

  3. Such a great cushion - perfect handstitching!

  4. Love seeing handmade goodies being put to use!

  5. Your cushion (& hand stitching) look right at home there! Hottest day of the year so far here! Rain forecast tomorrow -typical! Jxo

  6. I love the cushion and your sofa full of them. We have just has the sun reappear after some days of rain. I hope your weekend is lovely.

  7. your sofa is so perfect :-)

  8. Your cushion looks so beautiful and I love the Liberty binding!

  9. I don't believe you about the rest do the house not being covered in cushions ;) I bet the entire house is blanketed in pretties ;)

  10. Love your sofa, just right :)

  11. Just catching up on the last week.

    Looks like you had a blast at FQR (I presume one of the Jacks was Lynne's, but where did the other one come from?), glad the classes were all fun - I loved the screen printing class I did a couple of years ago, you might inspire me to get out the 'home' kit I got from my ex colleagues when I changed jobs last year!

    I got to travel back from Market with Thomas on and off, definitely an entertaining journey, so I can imagine he was well on form at FQR too!

    WTG on having finishes already, though I hope you haven't finished off the kids yet...

  12. I love how retreat has really energised you (not that you need it anyway)! I still have my cathedral windows from last year to finish!


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