Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fresh Sewing June

Making a round-up mosaic is usually a bit of fun; trying to make a mosaic when your hard drive ate the last month or so, is not so great!
Lily's Quilts
But here goes…
Only right Aurifil Boy get centre stage!
It was not the most productive of months, what with the bag fiasco, and I haven't yet got any good photos of the massive Siblings quilt, but those will come, I promise.

It was not the best month for technical reasons obviously, and a lot of sport viewing, both in real life and on the box, reduced my output dramatically.

But hey ho; there were birthday gifts and vouchers spent, so a lot of lovelies currently heading my way, and FQR to look forward to.

By the end of July I will be on Summer holidays too.  I love July!

Linking with Lynne and the other Fresh Sewists.


  1. Looks fairly prolific to me, despite technical glitches! Have a happy summer vacation! popping in from a fresh sewing day. Happy Canada Day today!

  2. Phew! Even your lean months can put the rest of us to shame. Happy July!

  3. the wee man deserves centre stage i agree! x

  4. Seems to be a lot there for 'not a lot done'!

  5. Roll on 23 rd July! Some lovely stuff there mrs G !!!

  6. Looks like a good month to me. What a pleasure to see your son so proud of his accomplishment too.

  7. It looks like a good month to me and I can't wait to get my exclusive FQR keyfob! (Was my name tag back in May, my goodness, where is the time going!)

  8. Time flys when you're having fun.

  9. I agree that there seems a lot for 'not a lot done', especially as June is a short month but I wonder if you've done a 'make a little look like a lot(tle)' trick, which is usually my speciality!

  10. Well you made the boy too, I'm sure that counts for something...

  11. I think your son wins this month of lovely finishes.

  12. Totally right to give away the limelight! What a star!

    You didn't do too badly yourself though!


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