Thursday, 3 July 2014


The FAL is closing in on me as I race to finish the last side of binding for a final tick; I know 2 things on my list didn't even get a look in this quarter, but they involve a lot of hand stitching, so I am saving them for the summer holidays; yep really, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Finish Along 2014

So anyway, today I am over at Katy's with a little tute to distract you momentarily from your FAL lists whilst I play catch up!

But as I need to prove another finish, here is my Siblings Together quilt in full glory at Eclectic Maker...

Jo sponsored my quilt backing, so it was only right that I popped in for a chat and a laugh as per my usual visits.

It's also good that she shares my love of being photographed…

I have a feeling I will be popping back really soon, as today I resisted this gorgeous linen print

… and I am already regretting it!


  1. That's why we have the mail. Tell her to pop a yard or two into the post for you.

  2. Love the ST quilt, great teamwork!

  3. So difficult for you to have that shop so close to you! Great that you could take the quilt in though. No go back and buy fabric!

  4. Oh. My. Go back for that linen. Today.

  5. Great looking quilt! Well done - and I'm with you, saving all my hand sewing for the summer hols!

  6. gorgeous quilt Hadley, and what a fantastic backdrop in amongst the fabrics!! xo

  7. Can't you get the linen as a reward for finishing? Or something...?

  8. Another finish. Hoot shoot. Thanks for the tutorial too

  9. Love the ST quilt! Enjoyed my little bit of it and looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! Great backdrop - can I go and visit Becky from Sew me a song ....then?

  10. It's a gorgeous quilt! I'm so glad I don't live near a fabulous fabric shop like Eternal Maker - I'd have to ask them to ban me!!


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