Friday, 11 July 2014

FAL Q3 2014 - Here we go!

So let's make a list…

Finish Along 2014

1.  Rollover, rollover…

I am hoping Jen Kingwell will kick my butt and get me back in the mood for my MATO!

2.  Hexie rollover…

Summer holiday sewing of the most relaxing kind, I hope!

3.  Poolside revamp…

Yes I only just finished it, but I have ripped out the coral Sketch facing and so I still need to finish it, again!

4.  Secret stitching, due for a mid-August reveal…

I know it's Christmassy, but by the end of this quarter, we will all be on that slippery slope towards the festivities; ho ho ho!

5.  Another name tag, for me!  My FQR partner is bringing mine along to Retreat, but I don't want to turn up without one!!!

Mental I know, but I will use the lanyard for work anyway.

6.  Another mini-Super Tote…

All the pieces are cut now, and I wouldn't mind having this one ready for FQR.

7.  A post-FQR cushion…

This panel, I am hoping, will be hand quilted and looking amazing.  Well got to have dreams!

So there we have my list of 7.

This quarter I also want to start, or at least make great plans for my Denise Schmidt Hadley quilt, make a couple of minis from my Little Quilts book and so much more.  Time will tell how successful I will be.

Linking up with all the other hopefuls over at Katy's.


  1. Ambitious, but you're usually pretty succesful, good luck!

  2. That is some list! I'll be checking up on you at retreat ;)

  3. I think that's fairly realistic! Your Jen Kingwell is going to be beautiful!

  4. A nice list of projects to keep you busy!

  5. you never fail to stun me with quantity AND quality. you'll do so again I'm quite sure!!

  6. I reckon you'll manage this lot just fine.

  7. Midnight is looking awesome, hope you get that one finished most of all.

  8. I want to see the mini tote made up, really love the colours, aqua wins every time for me. x

  9. I'm loving the reindeer fabric & the mini-super tote fabrics! All lovely & bright fun fabrics.Looking forward to seeing all revealed!

  10. Gorgeous fabrics all set aside for your projects. Aside from your hols looks like you'll be busy!

  11. Well I hope you don't have 10 in the bed with you for that first one... ;o)


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