Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Can't stop watching!

I had a little something to show you, but as it stands at half time, Germany are beating Brazil 5-0, so I am transfixed!!

Perhaps Scolari would like to borrow these two; worth a punt I reckon!!

Back with stitchy stuff tomorrow xxx


  1. Enjoy the football. I'm choosing to skip it all and go to bed early.

  2. I am not looking forward to the game between the germans and us... If we win our game tomorrow! Germany-the Netherlands is always so high stakes game emotionally and historically.
    I wish you good fun, but I am going to bed too! :-)

  3. Not normally into football but even I couldn't stop watching. Glad Brazil got one in but what a result!!

  4. Germany ? Brazil? Is this family votes for a holiday location? If all 5 of you voted Germany then GO to Germany :-)

  5. Brazil could have used them! I didn't watch the match (was actually sewing!) but cant' stop listening to the commentary this morning. Incredible.

  6. They couldn't have been any worse than the Brazilian team!

  7. We only turned over at 2 - 0 and then unmissable. Jeremy Vine had the worst phone in topic ever today - if you are Brazilian phone in and tell us how you feel. Cheap radio, tasteless topic.

  8. I doubt you can offload them that easily ;o)


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