Monday, 14 July 2014

Don't you know who I am?

Rhetorical question.  Obviously!

Today the postman came good for me, but we are still waiting on the yo-yo, oh dear indeed!

So if you have your copy of Quilt Now, you may have spotted my Oakshott tumbler 'Stacking Cups' baby quilt, it looks so lovely in print, even if I do so myself…

And I am so thrilled to be in such great company in this first edition.  I am trying not to be biassed, but I think Katy has done a wonderful job, and the themed issues, if this one is anything to go by, are all going to look fabulous!

I would love to show you a few more shots, but all my pics were on that other hard drive, grrr!  I will show off more when I get it back home.

Don't forget, there'll be a copy of the magazine for the winner of my blogiversary giveaway, and it will be in UK stores from Thursday.

So as if my head didn't have to be squeezed back out the front door to get down to school, what happened next, well…

You see that envelope up there?  In there is a blogiversary card, from someone who RECOGNISED ME at the school gate!!! So everyone please wave hello to Jean!!  

Meeting fellow enthusiasts of cutting up fabric and sewing it back together in real life is so great, (woo-hoo FQR weekend here we come!!), but when someone spots you and is lovely enough to come and say hello, it felt a little bit mad, and very much lovely!

And just in case anyone wants to pick me out of the crowd on the weekend, (before I get my official swap tag from my partner), I whipped up a temporary one, and the first tick off my Q4 FAL list, go me!

After deciding on the way I was going with it, I did a bit of a swift u-turn, (after cutting my fabrics, sods law), and snipped a little selvedge 'Hadley' from my DS stash, fused and top-stitched a collection of bits and bobs onto white Essex Linen and used some of my Hemingway Design print for the back and lanyard. 

Fun punched hole, and job done…

Tomorrow, less me, more finishes!


  1. So glad I knew you before you got famous!! Jxo

  2. Yay for being recognised! did she want your autograph? (twin pic on my blog, just for you

  3. Love your name tag - how cool to have a fabric named for you!!

  4. And I knew you when .... :). Lovely quilt, and gorgeous name tag too! X

  5. You guys are all getting so famous! It's lovely to see lots of familiar bloggy peeps getting great credit and applause for their creativity. You are most deserving, lovely H!

  6. How wonderful to be famous. xx

  7. Who are ya? Who are ya? ;)

    If you're getting recognised out in public you are officially famous.

  8. Yay for you :-) Can't wait to finally meet you on Friday!

  9. Grand job on the mag quilt, but yikes, if I ever met anyone that recognised me at work I'd pass out with shock! That would be because they're mostly blokes though ;o)

  10. Your quilt in the magazine is FAB!! Go you!! Love your tag by the way. Can't wait to see you on Friday!!

  11. big congrats to your fan! with your hatred of the camera she did well to recognise you! lol :-p

  12. Brilliant idea using the Hadley selvedge - did she name that line after you?? And I've already told you how I feel about your gorgeous quilt.

  13. Blimey it'll be the paparazzi after you next ;) See you at retreat!!!

  14. Wish I was going to FQR. This will be a fun, tiring and very, very hot weekend - like I seem to remember it was last year. Take your lightest, thinnest dresses and lots of cans of Magicool body cooler. I can also recommend Scholls Freshstep Crackling Ice Foot Gel. No I don't work for either of these companies but I just sang in my choir last Friday in very hot temperatures and these 2 products really helped me. On another subject I am not sure whether my comments can be answered as I used to be a no reply commenter in the old Blogger and just hope the same doesn't apply to Bloglovin. Could you try to click on my name and see whether you can reply to me. Thanks. Jenny

  15. Somehow I had missed this post and so it was a lovely surprise when I read through the page 'who's inside this issue? ' to see my friend Hadley!! Well done xx


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