Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ready for Saturday?

Sooooo an early and rainy start, but by 9am I was installed in the main hall ready for screen printing with Karen.

OMG why have I not discovered the joys of printing before!?  I promise you I will be printing on anything that doesn't move this summer; I may even let the kids have a go!

I cut a little Carpenter-esk star for my template, and it actually worked, which I was having my doubts about at first.

Trash's pair got everywhere!
The 3 hours flew by, no doubt aided by the fun I was having next to Cindy, Nicky and Reene.

Karen was an awesome teacher, and everyone in the class came away with great printed fabric, bags and the like.  If you have followed the hashtag #FQR2014 in Instagram you will have seen loads of pictures, and everyone is smiling… or similar!

Pinched from Karen again!
Another top class that I cannot recommend highly enough.  I had to buy some scrap bags and Karen's beautiful book, it was the law!

On to lunch, I enjoyed an hour in the company of Jen Kingwell and Amanda; I probably spent an inordinate amount of the conversation just thinking 'I am having lunch with Jen Kingwell, behave!'

Then after a quick swap over of supplies I was in class again with Jen, this time for hand-piecing and appliqué using her Green Tea & Sweet Beans pattern (which we all got a copy of!!).

Again, wonderful relaxed teaching, Sonia and I settled on a sweet flower and petal block and may not have progressed very far in class, but that wasn't important, it was the being there that counted again.

Top tips abound; placing a sheet of sandpaper under your fabric to grip it when marking templates, who  knew!?

I will make the whole quilt one day.  I am planning on making a cushion from a few of the blocks for now, but I am so keen to get on with my Midnight At The Oasis again now Jen has worked her magic!

After class was the sample swap.  Hilariously Sarah, who one my blogiversary giveaway tote was in my group and now has another!!  I came home with these…

The little house is a lavender bag from Bettina, the purse from Cara and mug rug from Sarah.  I am a happy bunny!

Then onto the evening, are you keeping up!?

Market night first; I collected pre-ordered Cotton & Steel from the lovely ladies from The Village Haberdashery, and supplemented this with a yard more from The Eternal Maker…

I scored a Kona Colour Card from Cindy to add to my Fluffy Sheep pre-order…

A little bit of Oakshott…

Some little extras from Beyond Fabric…

Oh and then back to the Village Haberdashery for a little Far Far Away…

I couldn't go the evening without purchasing a pack of Jess's cards from Reene…

And after all that, there was the grand Siblings Together handover - the Jacks did a great job holding and folding…

Look at that pile!!!

So moving to see Delma taking these away for such a great cause.

Then Quiz night and pot-luck Bingo!!!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!  Go Team Butler, (named by Thomas Knauer's love and theory that all things come from Amy Butler), won the day; that's two years, two wins, just saying!!

℅ Sandy
I pulled Thomas into the team on the assumption that he knew everything; that was not strictly true, but good enough, and I laughed so hard, especially at the lateral thinking that guessing the names of the new Kona colours required; a yard of Sandstone anyone!!?

For my winnings and Bingo pick, I claimed a couple more Jen Kingwell patterns, including Gypsy Wife!!!  I am set up for the next 8 years I reckon!!

That little finger pin cushion up there was a present in the hand quilting class, but has ended up in this stalkerish collection!

So by then it was near 11pm, and I headed back to bed absolutely shattered in the best way!

Hope you have the stamina for Sunday!  See you tomorrow, (it'll be the last day of term and work - yippee!!!) xxx


  1. Great summary Hadley - I still haven't quite got my thoughts all in order (probably not helped by the fact that the smalls are already on holiday!). Enjoy your last day of school and looking forward to hearing about Sunday - can't believe you lucked out with Gypsy Wife!!!!!

  2. Great post as always! Looks like you all had a blast! And typical you to be on your usual winning streak!! Jxo

  3. Jealous here! But glad you had such a good time. X

  4. Wonderful to read it all again. Like being there all over! Lovely to see you. And now adapting to 'normal' life again ! xxx

  5. Crikey, you squeeze a lot into a day, don't you?!! Glad your winning streak has continued!

  6. Nicky, Reene and I are having an informal Georgetown sew along later in the year, you're welcome to join us and get your Jen Kingwell on again :)

  7. Oh my word!!! It sounds so amazing. xx

  8. Sounds so fabulous! I will be keen to hear from you later in the year re those Jen king well patterns.

  9. You are beginning to sound like me..."printing on anything that doesn't move"!! I apologise for the forthcoming addiction!! x

  10. I made myself one of the thumb pincushions, arebt they great! Do how did you do the silk screening ? I've got some thermafix screens and I've tribes making some with netting and mod podge, but it sounds as if you used a different method ?

  11. I feel I should let you know that your printed bag was a star of the FQ Instagram feed! The picture I took had almost 100 likes and was the third highest. Fab job!

  12. Seriously? You had to use that picture?? *sigh*

  13. You must be the genius of the quiz table. I love the new Kona names. They're so literal!

  14. Great post....and photo of Trash!:) Yep...your bag is aces as was the retreat!


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