Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Little Beach Time...

Today we did the Hobbycraft-Asda thing, then went off to the beach for a picnic lunch, and for the small people at least, an impromptu swim in the sea…

It was noticeable cooler on the coast, so I am guessing there will be requests to head that way again soon, and next time with swimmers and a towel, as this time we were a little unprepared!

After the heat had gone out of the conservatory a little, it was time for some early evening experimenting!

I think these turned out OK for a first solo attempt; I didn't go crazy printing loads on fabric, it would have been easy to, but I restrained.

I didn't say there would be anywhere to eat breakfast though did I!?

Now time for a little appliqué, I am using, not losing those skills!


  1. I love the way you think a table full is restrained. x

  2. Gorgeous prints! I really need to buy Karen's book! Rx

  3. Wow, they are amazing - I'm goingto buy the book!

  4. I sure like the printing, I am eagerly waiting for Karen's book.

  5. You are a star at this H ! Love your graphic prints you should go into production!

  6. Great printing, but you did get a little over enthusiastic, that's a lot of printing! Would love a bit of cool sea breeze, i'm almost looking forward to Autumn!

  7. Love how you're diving into this! This design is absolutely beautiful, too!

  8. The screen prints look good. All you need now is another hobby, right? Beach looks rocky but so refreshing


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