Thursday, 29 September 2011

Linking with my virtual twin!

Today I was going to try and not gush too much about my virtual twin, (OK, probably not completely obvious to outsiders, but we are, and we know it).  BUT then again, why not eh!?

I got my first goodie swap parcel today from Sarah-Fairy Face and I am still beaming as much as I was 5 hours ago when I opened this...

I coveted the contents of this package as soon as I saw them in the pool, it has to be said, I REALLY WANTED THEM, and may have mentioned it here and there!!!

Look at all this perfect, beautifully made lovely loveliness in the most perfect colours and fabrics and quite frankly I don't have the words to describe how totally chuffed I am to be the recipient.  Look at the super little buttons and I am definitely going to be using the zippy pouch to hold my phone and keys whilst the small folk pull the trolley! 

OK I should have taken more photos, but I was too excited for that!  Thank you again Sarah, you know I love it all xxx

So then back to my planned post, linking up with aforementioned Sarah's Summer Sewing Plans Wrap Up...  Here's how I did...

1.  Finish the Sherbet Pips Confetti quilt, and not let it just sit there for fear that my quilting will ruin it.  Done... 

2.  Finish my Scrappy quilt completely. Done...

3.  Finish the Boutique quilt, even though I don't like it, then let the kids have it for the garden and not get moody when it gets dirty by keeping in mind that I don't like it!!  Done...

4.  Do something with the mass of batik that reminds me every time I look in my fabric box, that sometimes bad ideas happen to the best of us, (a long story)!  Um...I cut it up, but still not feeling the batik love, sorry.

5.  Keep up to date and do my total best with all the Brit Bee blocks.  Done...

6.  Keep up to date and try not to cheat on the mystery quilt.  Um... I've fallen behind recently, but I will finish this.

7.  Make, and maybe send, at least one of my 'Pay It Forward' gifts... but I'm not telling.  Done x3...

8.  Make my Dad the Union Jack quilt I have been promising my Mum I'll make for him.  Done...

9.  Make my Mum something equally lovely for her birthday.  Done...

10.  Make the covers for the final 2 cushions I have been procrastinating about for too long.  Done...

11.  Cut and hem the 2 pocket squares I promised my husband last year - he bought 2 FQs that I can have the remainder of, IF I get on with it.  Done...

12.  Make a tray for dear son that incorporates a tiny Lego scrap he covets.  Done...

13.  Make a 'little something' for the girls, so that all my time spent at the sewing machine is not totally for other people.  Done... Scrap Bag tags...

14.  Do a Swap - maybe not the first Brit Swap, as having looked at this list, I think perhaps I need to get a few other things ticked off first, but maybe in August?  Done x a few...

15.  Start the 'KISS'.  OK, this is really a winter activity, but I did start...

16.  Not buy any more fabric UNLESS I actually have a need, accurate requirements and time to complete another project, (hmm...may be the hardest!).  Oops, and no photographic evidence today!

17.  Try to expand my quilting skills by joining in with more sample blocks and experiments a la BLG and BlindBob.  Mystery quilt and FWQAL fit the bill...

18.  Master a few more embroidery stitches, especially French knots.  Oh yes...

19.  Plan ahead for Christmas!  Still feeling a bit early for me.

20.  Design and make, and then repeat something I am proud of - not sure what yet, but a real long-term aspiration.  Scrap Bag Challenge tags - yay!!  Next week, the full reveal and a mini-tute, I promise.

So, I can live with those 2 'fails' and 2 'not quites'!  How did you do? 

My final bit of Sarah-love tonight comes in the form of the hand-stitching I will get done on my Across the Sea quilt later; I got over halfway round last night.  I have loved this quiltalong, and I adore the quilt that Sarah and Jennifer designed.  Hopefully I will have it fully completed to show you tomorrow.

Did I grovel too much?  Sarah, are you blushing?


  1. Wow, what a busy summer you've had - I don't think I'd manage this lot in a year never mind a season!!

  2. I have to go have a lie down after reading that! You are wonderwoman! And lucky ducky you having Sarah for a partner. I would be jealous if I hadn't done so well in the swap myself!

  3. What a humongus list, and you managed nearly all of it! You deserve a medal! And I just love you package of goodies from Sarah, beautiful!

  4. Oh man, you got THOSE buttons! I think I gushed on Sarah's blog about those... and that's a VERY impressive list lady, you should be mighty proud :) x

  5. Where do you get the time!! Lucky you with your wonderful goodie parcel

  6. oh lordy you're good. One magnificent swap parcel well deserved :-)

  7. Lucky Lou! I have completely loved everything that Sarah has posted for that swap. And look who has been sewing this summer! Think it's time for a break yet? Everything looks fabulous!

  8. Those goodies are delicious..........and as for your list - I do not have words, you done good.

  9. Thank you twinnie for all your lovely words x And dear Lord, what a list - fab job this summer!

  10. When you lay it all out like that I feel a bit like young obi wan.. we have much to learn! Good job yoda my pall x

  11. When the hell did your summer start, because it looks like you've done a year's worth of work!!! Wow! That's a lot to be proud of.

  12. Good golly, you've been busy! And I must say: I covet that lego fabric scrap (and the basket you made out of it), too!

  13. Looks to me like you were quite successful. I don't even want to talk about my list...nope not even gonna discuss it.

  14. You did great! You set out to do it all and you did it! My favorites are the scrappy quilt and the dream on blocks of course!

    What a lovely goodie bag swap you received! Lucky:)

  15. So many eye-candies in this post! I just love the way you combine fabrics - so cheerful! Those things Sarah whipped up are totally up your alley! I would go crazy too!

  16. Yes I think Lynne will have to relinqush her Wonder Woman magic tiara and pass it over! That's a huge amount done this summer! And how fabulous they all look together. So glad you got a lovely package from Sarah, isn't she talented! Jxo

  17. Lucky you :)
    And wow, impressive list, so many beautiful things.
    And can I just express my undying love for your Scrappy quilt? :)

  18. you put me to shame!! What a fantastic list of projects and all beautiful. You and Sarah are both so talented :)

  19. I cant believe how much you have got done. Those quilts are beautiful!

  20. I love what Sarah's created! You're super lucky to have a bit of her goodess at your place :)

    Look at you superwoman! I am always in awe of what you craeate - how beautiful it is, the fabrics you use and how rapidly it's finished off. Well done, you, for a huge summer's effort.

    I'm going to win that little charm pack Sarah's offereing...don't get your hopes up. :D

  21. Simply Amazing! You have been a very busy lady this past summer :)
    Love all your beautiful projects,and your yummy!

  22. All this loveliness, and a job and mummy to three, are youbsure there aren't two of you?


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