Friday, 30 May 2014

Duty Baking...

By 8am this morning the oven was on and I was consulting my foody guru, (well her blog anyway, as she was probably sleeping off last night's dinner)...

Surnames A-L were on cake duty for pack camp this weekend; so being a one-trick pony, and there may have been a little begging from the kids, flapjacks were the only way to go.

(Surnames M-Z were on crumble/pie, in case you were worried).

I have never made a dud batch, and I can honestly say that is nothing to do with my cooking skills!

So this evening off we went and droped off the lad...

That's blue, not dark grey in the sky - I didn't recognise it either!
... and it is looking a lot more promising than last time!!  The sun even came out as we got there, so dear son was left with a smile on his face.

Tomorrow I get to enjoy a Brownie "fun" day; let's see how long my smile lasts!


  1. Cheeky! But happy to pass on an addiction to your kids. If you held some back they might help you make it through 'fun day', that is if they are on the okay to eat list for you.

  2. I packed up today's sun and sent it down so that we can have rain tomorrow and I can get peace and quiet from the squealing kids outside... ;o)

  3. You're such a 'real' mummy! Jxo

  4. Can't go wrong with a flapjack or 36! Happy Saturday :)

  5. good luck to your son! Fingers crossed ;-)

  6. flapjacks have to be the way to go. Yay for blue skies - hoping it stays that way :-)

  7. That flapjack recipe is too nice for its own survival...

  8. Fingers crossed for a much better experience for everyone!

  9. Hope he got the full experience! I love flapjacks, shame they aren't calorie free!!!!!!

  10. Hilarious! You're going to be the favorite Mum in the camp!

  11. I still don't understand the name but I have been privileged to taste Susan's version and they are delicious.


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