Sunday, 4 May 2014

One For The Geeks...

It's photos like this...

...that make me happy!  Heck, it makes my day just seeing the Sky ad!

So Happy Star Wars Day everyone...

An Eclectic Maker scrap bag is way more hospitable than Hoth!
May the Fourth be with you all xxx


  1. I have been a fan all my life it seems, we are the star wars generation it seems.

  2. Happy Star Wars day! Lovely fabric!

  3. So now wouldn't be the time to tell you that I think I've only seen the first two films (not even sure I saw them all the way through!) and can remember very little about them?! Nice scrap bag, though!

    1. Now when you say the first two, do you mean the real first two or those horrid things they added on many years later with Liam Neeson et al? If it those then it's best to say that you've not seen any at all to keep all street cred :-) it's only the original trilogy that really count in my book.

  4. My boss and I have been brainstorming possible plots since we saw that photo! 80 years after Jedi - Organa-Solo grandkids maybe? Squeee!

  5. we woke up to snow here in Alberta so my husband just had to wish all of our friends and family 'Happy Star Wars day from Hoth.' Strange how only a few of them actually got it.

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  7. "“You’re all clear, kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

  8. I love that a geeky joke has become "international Star Wars day"! thanks for the HF / sky sd link, lovely to see (and hear; i love his voice) him again

  9. After reading Helen's comment now brave enough to admit falling asleep during film number 2.


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