Monday, 19 May 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Scrappy

Well I said I'd be back, and I am entering my second quilt into this year's fun and games.

If you missed it, I blogged my first, the Oakshott Carpenter's Star, here.

Today I am going to show my Stitch Tease Bee quilt that I finished up in the New Year.  And this is the complete opposite in every way.

I really should have taken some new, sunny shots, but I didn't think of that until I sat down this evening, sorry...

So this is my much loved, and currently living on the foot of our bed, Low Volume Scrap Vomit...

From the first versions of Katy Jones' modern classic quilt, I knew I wanted one, although I didn't want so much of the vomit, and wasn't too keen on the traditional black blocks, so this was my solution!

I love this quilt, and especially cherish that it was made by one of the fabulous Bees which I am fortunate enough to belong to, and it turned out way more amazing than I could have hoped for.  Thanks lovely ladies x

Low Volume Scrap Vomit Details:
70" x 70"
Top - 1225 x 2.5" scraps from the bins of the Stitch Tease Bee
Backing - IKEA Nummer print and Sew Stitchy scraps
Quilting - Diagonal straight lines in Aurifil 50wt 2021
Binding - Joel Dewberry Aqua Herringbone
Entering into the Scrappy category.

Thank you for (re)visiting me and my quilts: I'm hoping I will have some of the things currently residing on my To Do list t'done soon to show you - I'm sure I'll rustle something up for tomorrow ;)


  1. Can't beat a scrappy quilt - my favourite! Jxo

  2. It's gorgeous. I love the way you've used the low volume and the bold prints together, they work so well. Good luck!

  3. Another great entry. Must say you are always so clever in your bee block decisions and get great quilts as a result.

  4. I really like this...the pops of colour in the low volume...very cool.

  5. Okay, you know when you say something in your head and then you start laughing at yourself? This is my first thought: "Aw...., all vomit should be low volume!" Ah, truth!

    I do love this one, Hadley, but then, I'm generally hard pressed to find anything you make that I don't appreciate. Nice to see it again! :-)

  6. Having made two blocks for you, I could never do a whole one. Maybe round 3?

  7. Oh this is so pretty! Love the low-volume touch to this pattern. Very sweet.:)

  8. this quilt and making the blocks for it got my low volume obsession in gear. I love it

  9. I've always loved this version of the scrap vomit quilt! Gorgeous x

  10. Oh I'm so glad you entered it and even happier that you love it so much. Such a great idea and the results are so beautiful.

  11. Still my favourite scrap vomit, for all the reasons you made the adjustments!


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