Thursday 29 May 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I got chatting with Sarah about Retreat, and she mentioned that she wasn't going to be able to commit to the pre-weekend shenanigans, so I offered to make her a name tag, and mad fool she is, she accepted!

So knowing she is a bit of a Tula-fan, I knew exactly what I wanted to use...

Yep, I am truly on an aqua, pink and lime diet!

OK, so you remember those pictures from the 1980s that you had to stare at for 10 minutes until you went cross-eyed to see a hidden image, it is a bit like that, but it does say Quilt Candy - Sarah, honest; the crappy light doesn't help my case, sorry!

Hopefully Sarah is feeling a little more in the FQR spirit, as for me, a little of what you fancy does you good!

I am hoping to squeeze in a little sewing over the next few days, but Cubs and Brownies are going to be topping the bill, so I am not going to put money on it xxx


  1. I absolutely Love it!!!! Thank you so much Mrs Flying Blind, it's awesome and I'm so lucky to have a thoughtful friend like you!! A small project is very much under way for you, and I can't wait to pop it in the post and for you to receive it soon :-)) PS definitely getting in the FQ Retreat Spirit now!! xx

  2. So sweet of you (said through gritted teeth because I'll be missing this one)

  3. Lovely name tag and the colours are great. I saw how much Sarah loved it on IG.

  4. OOh, so pretty! Lucky Sarah! R x

  5. You are a good pal, and I'm sure to see this in the flesh as Sarah and I are sharing a room at The Grange!

  6. It's a winner! You're so super for keeping the spirit alive. Well done, H.

  7. She will love it, it shouts out Tula. x

  8. Perfect name tag!
    I've just booked my hotel room, after a wet half term of moaning children and I'm definitely in the FQR mood now!

  9. Great name badge, love those colours


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