Friday, 2 May 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday I came in from work and stitched up a couple of blocks for Bee Blessed.

They were super easy, super pretty and a pleasure to make...

They eased my guilt a little for having skipped the April blocks.  You see, the April blocks weren't particularly difficult looking, however you had to watch a Craftsy video to make them, and I just wasn't up for that.

I am a visual learner, ie. I need the cutting measurements and a picture of the finished block, then I'm off.

I don't like to be told, well not without a handout anyway!  The thought of flitting from the computer to the cutting mat, pausing, re-running and writing stuff down only served to push the blocks well and truly to the back of my mind!

At this point I must point out that I did not watch the video, and it may have been wonderful, easy to follow and not my worst nightmare, I will never know.  Sorry Bee Blessed ladies.

I must also admit I have purchased a couple of Craftsy classes in the past, and they too remain unwatched, one day folks, one day!  Am I the only one who has an irrational, or maybe proven, aversion?

Oh and before I go, I must offer my heart-felt and jealousy-fuelled Congratulations to Amy who won the #DSTTchallenge today - I hope you don't get an enormous Customs bill buddy ;)


  1. Gorgeous blocks! I can't watch things on my laptop, whether it's programmes I've missed or Craftsy-type lectures/classes (I have the Quilt Con 2013 lecture saved in my 'classes' and I've not managed to watch much of it. In fact, I've just checked and I'm only 41 seconds in and that's after at least three attempts!) - I find it too hard to concentrate and wander off. I do that with the telly as well but not quite as early into a programme! Maybe it's the shiny 'I can see me watching this' reflecting screen that exacerbates my poor concentration but I suspect I'd be the same with any screen! I can't even get through a 40 second YouTube tutorial in one go so the chances of me making a whole block are virtually nil! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful! I haven't watched any craftsy classes but I watch some quilting stuff on YouTube. It's fun but i don't follow instructions from it, I agree that would be too tricky!

  3. I really love this block. And I assuage my guilt of never making the bee blessed blocks by giving a small quilt each year. Oh the guilt is terrible!

  4. You don't need to feel guilty - we just keep your name in our little book of baddies, but you don't need to feel bad! Obv just kidding, you are so good always sending us blocks and these ones are lovely! Thank you. If you had watched the tute you'd have found a handout you could have taken back to your machine after you'd watched, but I must confess it wasn't my favourite block. These ones for May were much nicer to make!

  5. I love these blocks, it is high time I sent some again. The craftsy classes are fun to watch but I have yet to make something from one of them.

  6. I am a hands-on learner! I've never watched any of the Craftsy classes in my que. Cute blocks!

  7. I'll have to make some of these, they look like my kind of blocks! So with you on video classes :)

  8. Craftsy have a great business model you know, as none us have watched any of these classes which we have purchased. Could be that after 10 minutes the beautifully coiffed " soccer-mom" turns into a Thrash metal tribute act, with full body tattoos? You never know...

  9. These are just gorgeous! I can't wait to dive in this month and make a few.
    The video was a bit of a change and initially I didn't dig it, but it did make a pretty block. Can't wait to see the quilt they create!

  10. You need an iPad! I have that next to me or in front of me when I'm trying to learn something new. No flitting back to the computer. This week it was how to make those blasted loom bands in different designs so I could help my 7yo son! I too am a visual and kinaesthetic learner. I need to see something being done and practice doing it myself. I can't just be told.


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