Monday, 21 April 2014

Popping in...

Well I am not the only one popping in to say hello today.  Just before 9am this morning we were greeted with the sight of an incoming hot air balloon...

It scooted over the neighbour's roof and came down on the cricket pitch/park at the bottom of our road, much to the surprise, delight and relief of us all!

You don't see that round here everyday; in fact you most usually just don't, especially this early in the day/season and heading south!  I am not a balloon expert, but I am guessing that making this landing was more luck than anything, especially judging by the raised voices and frantic burning that was going on!

And so my real reason for checking in is to direct you over to Sara - Sew Sweetness' blog, for full details of the Jaybirds Quilts Sew Along... yep I have a secret to reveal at last, well on Thursday to be precise!

Do check it out, there's also the opportunity to win some awesome swag if you join in the fun!

I hope you had a good bank holiday if you are in the UK, and a good Monday elsewhere; we went to the beach then shopping for a few Cub camp essentials, hence no sewing.

Tomorrow the kids are back to school, and I'll be home alone in a house still ridiculously full of chocolate; complete bliss!


  1. We don't get the balloons here, although before we moved up here they used to come over our house a lot. What we do get is the flying boat coming in to land & take off on the water right in front of our house. They train there I think, because they do it over and over and over.

  2. A lot of my friends have been sewing for that project, I bet there will be excellent quilting in it.

  3. How exciting! Off to follow the link x

  4. Very fun about the balloon....always a wonder to see....excited to see your business
    quilt too!

  5. I love the whooshing sound hot air balloons make. Meanwhile, mine still on holiday. The last lie in for them. Unfortunately I got woken by himself's 6am alarm.

  6. Great photo's of the balloon...we had something similar a couple of years back....the noise of the balloon close up is really loud. S xo

  7. All back to school here :-( That looks a bit too close for comfort - glad all okay.

  8. I think the kids were probably quite excited to see that balloon in your neighborhood.

  9. Balloons look quite magical, I always think, though apparently it's much noisier up there than you would imagine. And how did you manage to get the kids off to school before the chocolate is finished?! Mine have another week, so I won't get much chance...

  10. One of these landed in a field next to my dad recently, but came down the electricity cables. Luckily no one was hurt, but the power was out for a while!


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