Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday sorted...

I spent the first half of the day helping the girls sort and clear out one of those corners of their bedroom; you know the type, full of stuff, paper and who-knows-what, masses of it, crazy-making mess.  Fortunately we finished before the recycling bin lorry came.

Then after lunch we watched The Desolation of Smaug, and I managed to get 210" of binding stitched down.  It was a long film!

Other than that, my parcel of bag-makery arrived from Bag Clasps...

... and I cut out a pattern...

My Typewriter Sidekick Tote is my most loved and used bag, and I have often thought I should make the larger size too, because I do tend to haul a lot of gubbins about with me.  So with yesterday's shopping, I think I have a plan.  Just need to get a bit more interfacing and then there'll be some handbag action xxx


  1. Let me just say how much I enjoyed the word "gubbins."

  2. The hobbit is great fun! I could not stop laughing in the cinema. You are lucky, I am still waiting for my supplies to arrive. I am already chasing the postman ....

  3. Ooh, new project, can't wait to see this one! :o)

  4. Great to do a larger side kick tote. I love the one I made but as I discovered at FQR it could have done with being a tad bigger ;-)

  5. Now why do we never hear our American cousins talk about bags in gubbins hauling proportions?!

  6. Bags definitely seem to be your theme.for the week :)

  7. Ooh I've been trying to decide on a bag pattern this last week, forgot about the sidekick, there's an idea. We are watching Smaug tonight so maybe I should haul my Made to Measure out and baste it so I can start the hand quilting in front of the dwarves. See, you're just an inspiration to me. (can't wait to see what bag you are starting)

  8. Oooh, bags, that's a good idea, I need to make some birthday pressies! (although very lazily, mine will just be a variation on a tote bag!)


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