Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sidekick Tote II...

I wasn't up at 6.30am, but I was sewing again before 8, and by 10.30 I was all done bar stitching up the turning hole.

I then had an enforced break in proceedings, to shower, get dressed, go to the post office, feed the hungry and then spend a couple of hours at the park.

But my Sidekick Tote II is finished and turned out bloody lovely I reckon...

Anna's patterns are all so simple to follow, and having made this before, it was even easier than I remembered.  Honestly all the cutting and interfacing takes most of the time.  I didn't stick to the stitching order as per the pattern, using Aurifil 50wt 2021 for much of the piecing, and then swapping to a 28wt grey for all the top-stitching and remaining piecing.

As per my original, I added an extra loop to the strap to give it a good length for going across body without having to have a join in the main strap.  The only other mod was a reduced pocket size; I used the small flap pattern, and elongated the pocket but kept the width of the smaller one as I thought the larger sized was just a bit too overwhelming!

The fresh, bungie interfacing has made it look a little bit wobbly round the edges in these empty-bag photos, but trust me, all my darts match up, (a first!), and when loaded, or squeezed flat, it is perfectly rounded ;)

If you have never made a complicated bag before, this is possibly a good place to start; there is a non-pleated/bias-bound pocket option, and although there is a zipper, it is the easiest type to install.

Full info:
Main body - Ellen Luckett Baker - Garden print
Bias-binding, exterior top band, inner pocket & short strap outers - Essex yarn dyed linen - black
Interior top band & short strap inners - Essex linen - natural
Main & pocket lining - Alison Glass - Sunprint - yellow
Interfacing - Vilene H640 fusible fleece
Aurifil 50wt 2021, 28wt 2605

So now its back to the list of things I should be doing, with a smile on my face and snazzy bag on my arm!


  1. Fan flamin tastic! Enjoy using it.

  2. Very nice, I think I like the smaller pocket :o)

  3. You were already snazzy! Another stunner of a bag! Jxo

  4. Very snazzy indeed! And you make it sound easy! Great job Hadley!

  5. Did you adapt the strap or is that how it's designed? I love the slidy bit.

  6. eeeek, what a fantastic bag. Looks super cool.

  7. so good! Is it easier than the 241? I love the magnetic snap on the pocket too - much nicer than velcro.

  8. Love that pattern too! I have 2 sidekicks. Great fabric choices, so springy.

  9. Oh wow I might need to make one!

  10. This is brilliant, I love it. I've made 2 sidekick totes and it is a great pattern. I love linen top piece - tones down the busy garden print perfectly. Awesome.

  11. Fab!! I really like the fabric choices too.


  13. Fab bag, and great use of the word snazzy! :o)

  14. I had a sucker for gray and yellow and this is just perfection. Looks to be a perfect every day size. Great job!

  15. Beautiful bag - love the grey and yellow!


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