Sunday, 27 April 2014

Busy doing nothing...

...OK you know that can't possibly be true, but Mr Chimp had a day of rest, as did we all, but I have also managed to turn these...

... into birthday presents for the girls' friends for a few weeks time.  Photo finish tomorrow, I am back comfy on the sofa now, and not planning to move until bedtime.



  1. Well done not giving in to mr chimp 'a high maintenance demands! Pressies are looking good!

  2. Pretty! Good to have a day of rest! Jxo

  3. Very pretty. But for birthdays in a few weeks time? Those panels I posted on IG yesterday were for a girl who had her birthday in March - you're making me look very bad ;0)

  4. How nice to have a relaxing day!

  5. These will be delightful, Posy is still one of my favourite lines.

  6. Pretty bags! Glad that Mr Chimp was able to indulge his creative side!


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