Sunday, 13 April 2014

4 Seasons in One Day...

Well not quite, but it was the most beautiful Spring day; there was gardening, I raked up a tonne, (well, half a wheelie bin), of dead leaves out from under the bushes, I know, should have done it last Autumn, but it started raining, and didn't stop for 4 months!

I then spent the afternoon soaking up the sun, it was pretty glorious.

When the conservatory cooled down enough for some sewing action, I got to work on my next Brit Bee border; finishing off Laura-Jane's modern Christmas vision for the month...

This sneak peak was taken in the last sunshine of the day; I have since stitched it all together, joined it to the growing quilt top and it's ready to move on down the making line.  It looks fab.

So I have cleared my conscience a little about wanting to get on with my bag, I just have to write up a few projects, take some photos and I know I owe you some finishes, including a couple from my FAL list already, although one will not get a grand reveal for a while, annoying secret sewing, sorry.

I really hope you had a great weekend too, and hoping the second week of the holidays is just as perfect x


  1. Gardening??? Whatever next! Just starting the Easter hols here! Hope we get some of your sunshine!

  2. Doesn't everything look better in the sunshine? Hope it lasts!

  3. As long as you *enjoy* the gardening!!! I AM enjoying bring off school!!!!!

  4. Probably best to leave all the leaves, etc. on the ground over the winter as it provides a habitat for insects, etc. Love the fabric for Laura Jane's quilt and looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Alas, we had rain for a good chunk of yesterday. Sun's out now though, accompanied by screaming children o.O

  6. That flower/tree photo is just beautiful. What is it?


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