Friday, 18 April 2014

Girls day out!

The kids had fun with their grandparents today whilst hubby and I went to IKEA, (no Nummer print, NO NUMMER PRINT!!!) but a bag full of other things to make up for it.

The finished skittle dolls meanwhile, posed in the garden...

Neat pattern Jo!  I didn't use card or weights in the bases, these girls are for squidging, and my girls opted for fancy button flowers in their hair instead of felt, which was fine by me.  Honestly if you need a quick gift for a young lady in your life, these are perfect.

I hope you had a good Friday too x


  1. Love the adorable skittle dolls. They would be good made up as large cushions too.

  2. These are cute and it is a lovely Good Friday here still, despite the inch of snow.

  3. Great dolls, but NO NUMBER FABRIC! Panic!!!

  4. Oh they are so cute. I might have acquired 5m of Nummer fabric last week thanks to a very on-the-ball friend who I think may have pretty much cleared out Ikea Dublins stock....

  5. I think that warrants a complaint, do ikea know how much you advertise their fabric? Cute skittle dolls

  6. Sounds like a lovely day, apart from the lack of nummer print - I hope they have three bolts the next time you go!

  7. I bought the last bolt in Glasgow, there are rumours of discontinuation...

    Dolls are cute though

  8. I adore that Nummer print but don't live near an IKEA... so have not had any yet. I heard the rumor of it being discontinued as well...


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