Sunday, 25 August 2013


Well the shocking weather that had been lurking since we returned from Menorca finally buggered off at lunchtime today, so I am not feeling as fed up as I was!

I haven't finished the washing yet, but pretty much everything else has been put away; photos have been uploaded and sent to print, and I am slapping on the moisturiser like it is going out of fashion!

There has been a little sewing already, rectifying a hastily finished project that I started, and finished the evening before we went away, and it niggled me the whole time; I promise I will show you that in due course.

Today though, holiday photo overload time!

I have kept PicMonkey busy making mosaics, and the cogs are whirring for the Holiday Memories Competition.

I think I will just shut up and let you have a look; if you have any questions though, please ask!

And finally, I have to mention that I took my Aeroplane Bag on the aeroplane, and my project of choice, an Architextures Spring Carnival; I managed to baste all my pieces, and stitch up a couple of the 'wheels' in the evenings...

It was stress-free; we ate way too much; watched no English TV, until I discovered it half an hour before we left, the kids were not amused!  We decided not to pay for hotel Wi-fi, and I am pleased about that; I read 3 novels instead and I would totally go back tomorrow given the chance!

So that was my last fortnight in a nutshell.  We still have almost two weeks of school holiday left, so I am not putting money on stitching up a storm any time soon, but I will get back to daily blogging and getting the chance to catch up with my blog-reading too.

Right, time to blitz that Inbox!


  1. This makes me want to go back to Menorca...

  2. It looks like a wonderful time and a beautiful place to be.

  3. looks (& sounds) like a great holiday, welcome home!

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful time - no internet and no TV is just what our busy life needs when we go on holidays, even though our kids don't agree!

  5. I love Menorca. Whereabouts were you staying?

  6. it looks fabulous! The teal/aqua color everywhere is just stunning. Keep moisturizing and ease back into English life slowly. No need to shock the system :)

  7. Lucky duck. Looks like you had a fabulous time and I am really pleased that you did.

  8. Ha, tell the kids they're spoilt, I used to have to go camping as a kid, no TV of any sort ;o)

  9. Stupid question #1...where is Menorca? I know I can look it up on google but I just had to ask.


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