Friday, 23 August 2013

Back... well almost!

I realise it wouldn't have taken Sherlock Holmes to deduce that I have not actually been here for the last week or so - in fact I am only here in passing to say that we are literally just home from Menorca with suntans and a full suitcase or two of washing.

518 emails are now downloading slowly, but I do not propose to even look at their contents this evening, sorry if you are waiting on a reply about anything.

The pictures from the other night were from last year, but it was just as lovely this time; I need to upload ones from the last fortnight now and promise to show you soon.

So excuse me again whilst I try to cling onto that holiday feeling; no internet access has, dare I say it, been totally refreshing, just like the old days!

Right now, my immediate priority is a lovely cup of tea, but I will be back properly in a day or two.



  1. Welcome home! So happy to have you back. xx

  2. Welcome home! I've been back 2 days and have just got on top of the washing! x

  3. Welcome back, put your feet up for a bit while the washing machine does its thing!

  4. Welcome back Mrs! Hope you had a lovely time x

  5. Glad you had safe journeys and what sounds like a lovely time!

  6. Welcome back Hadley - ah tea the elixir of life! Well as close as!


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