Wednesday 17 April 2013

Please tease me oh yeah, like I teased you!

I think I am right in saying that I am the last one to post my Stitch Tease blocks.  So in theory, you could have worked out what I made already!

Just in case you haven't been ticking off all the blocks on the tour, here are the ones I made for my fellow Stitch Teasers...

Firstly, for Katy; you can read about her quilt here...
This was fun, although my raw edge appliqué is a little more raw than I would have liked! 

Then Annabella's NYB; you can read about her quilt here...
I loved making this.

For Diane, I really pushed the boat out;  you can read about her quilt here...

These were made using Penny's awesome paper-pieced templates; they drove me a little crazy and came at a really hard time for my family and I, but I am so glad I persevered.  Hard to photograph, Di's pics are way better!

For Susan I was back on familiar territory; you can read about her quilt here...

I had to sneak in a non-white star in my 'signature' fabric, the Cloud 9 herons, which appear somewhere or other in all the blocks I made.

Danny's block meant I had to think!  You can read about her quilt here...
If you are going to make some flying geese, you might as well make hundreds eh!?

Helen's block was another fun one; you can read about her quilt here...
I embraced my inner wonk!

Finally I had to make the last block for Dianne's quilt top and then piece the bugger together!  You can read about her quilt here...
All the blocks were slightly different sizes, I worked a little jiggery-pokery to get it all to fit together, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  My block is the one bottom-right - I was so keen to mail this off I didn't hang about for great photos!

So that's my lot!  Round 2, a more traditional Bee format kicks off soon, and I can't wait to see what ideas we all come up with.

Apologies again for prolonging the Stitch Teasing, but I had a little giveaway to post about yesterday, I hope you saw!!


  1. All the blocks are amazing! The bottles are so cool!
    This is such a great group you got together and I am sure you had so much fun. Round two will be amazing!

  2. Ah I've just twigged the final person assembled all the blocks - I assumed people added theirs and passed on the whole WIP.

  3. All the blocks are so YOU! Especially, of course the rocket!!

  4. Oh you did so good on every last block. Thanks for mine!! (Love that star you snuck in.)

  5. They are all brilliant quilts yet so different. Congrats to the bee. Di x

  6. You pushed the boat out AND the bottle it looks like!! These are fabulous quilts that you each contributed to!!

  7. Your blocks are awesome! Loads of work have gone into each and every one! Jxo

  8. Oh my, look at my block!!! I'm so glad you posted this close up as it really is soooo beautiful - mille grazie!!!!

  9. That was quite the titles to be coming across late at night ;o) I'm still giggling at my herons jetting off to their doom :oD

  10. Your blocks are out of this world Hadley! Quite a job putting all those tops together I'd say! Love the Beatles reference! Think you pleased, pleased them like they pleased you!

  11. I've so enjoyed the unveiling of each of your blocks. You guys did an amazing job!

  12. You must sew non stop! Thanks for showing these and also introducing me to a bunch of new blogs to read :)

  13. again, I LOVE this idea for a bee. Your blocks are fab :-)

  14. Wonderful work, and I do so love the bottles!

  15. Totally brilliant blocks!! I love the rocket!

  16. You did a fab job on all the blocks and sewed Dianne's into a lovely quilt top. Hers is one of my favorites...well they all are pretty special, actually.

  17. Such a fun project all round, your bottles are super.


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