Friday, 19 April 2013

Giveaway WInner...

Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway.  The karma gods were looking in when I closed it this evening.  Actually I did have a pang of 'they'll think it's a fix!' when I saw who the random number belonged to!  But Mr Random has chosen, and who am I to disagree?

Come on down Number 70...

Birthday Girl Trudi!!!

I will get it wrapped and sent to you soon my friend!

Thank you all for sharing your favourite makes, I might love the pin cushion as much as my kids, but guessing you really would prefer the Liberty Trudi!?

Afraid I have nothing for my non-UK friends this evening, but if you are at a loose end this weekend here in Blighty, it's free-entry time at the National Trust, so download yourself a voucher and go have some fun!  xxx


  1. Congrats to Trudi! At least I've watched episode 3 of the great British sewing bee!

  2. Ah we'll done Trudi, nice end to your birthday.

  3. Lol I'll swap you one of your kids for one of mine! Then again, the pincushion is a good deal! Thrilled, thank you for making my day just that little bit more special!

  4. Pressie for the birthday girl - perfect. Di x

  5. Everyone deserves pressies on their birfday!

  6. perfect pic...happy birthday to Trudi

  7. Congratulations, Trudi! Mr RNG, you couldn't have picked a better number! (Well, apart from mine!)

  8. FIX!!!!;-) Well done Trudi

  9. I guess she might just deserve it!


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