Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Stuff...

Today was one of those Saturdays, the house had to be put back into some semblance of order and the level of cleanliness raised somewhere above pigsty; this was followed by traipsing round the supermarket to replenish the sad looking fridge, whilst hubby got to endure a 5th birthday party with the monsters.

I did get my FQ Retreat Name Tag in the mail though, so my partner should be getting that early next week.

Late afternoon I managed a little comfort sewing; I now have half my Precious Retro Flower curves sewn up, and even managed to take a photo between downpours to prove it...

Now you will have to excuse anything untoward about this post, I am using the new Blogger interface for the first time.  I don't like it, but I've have got bored reverting to the old one and nothing is where it should be!

Anyway whilst you're here, please could you make yourself useful and pop over to The Quilting Gallery and vote for a few of my favourite people in the Just Squares & Rectangles Competition...

Krista's Full Circle
Sarah's PictureBox
and t'other Sarah's original Stained Pink.

Pretty please ;) 

I am so glad you can vote for up to 7 entries, and there are loads of others you may wish to consider (but not vote for) too.

Chores done, I should get some more sewing time tomorrow, although I'd like a lie-in that goes all the way to 5pm if that's OK x


  1. Good luck with that lie-in!! Heading over to vote now! Jxo

  2. You escaped the he'll of a children's birthday party. I am impressed. I had a day full of the usual crap too. Bring on the lie in!

  3. Your Retro Flowers look great (I needed my sleep in this morning too!)

  4. Can't wait to see more of your retro flowers

  5. love the retro progress ... enjoy yr lie in, even if you don't get to stretch it to 5pm! x

  6. Can't wait to see the actual blocks! Heading to vote now =D

  7. I'd have taken the supermarket over the birthday party any day! Well done on all those curves too, I'm approaching them with slight trepidation, but I'm determined to beat the little buggers into submission!

    Voted! And good luck with that lie in ;o)

  8. Oh sounds quite like my Saturday but without the supermarket trip - thank God for spaghetti and tomato sauce (homemade mais bien sur) for lunch as nothing else in. Have voted and hoping to remember to put my Gee`s Bend mini in for next week`s wall hanging competition.

  9. I voted for all my peeps - TWICE! Once from work and once from home. :)

  10. Did you just say that we can revert back to the old interface? How?
    Things in the new blogger aren't where they are supposed to be.
    Not talking about posting --- the analytical stuff. the statistical stuff!!
    The supermarket w/o kids is a treat any day.
    The husband dealing with the party is amazing. You might have a keeper.

  11. sounds like you got off easy, and I hope you manage a lie in too. I did head off and vote, thank you for the info.

  12. I was a bit slow to take on the new interface but you get used to it altho I can still be confused - but that in itself is not unusual. Happy lie-in.

  13. Well done on finishing the name tag! I've got grand plans to work on mine today and get it in the post in the next week or so.

  14. You will get use to it. Don't worry. I wish thought I wouldn't get some of the crazy hits!

    Looking good with the Retro Flower. did you have the curved presser foot? Still can't decide what fabric I want to use, and i think I am going to run out of white to.....AHHHHH!

  15. Your fabrics for your Retro Flower curves looks lovely!

    As for the new interface...yes it does take some getting use to...I started using Windows Live writer and I quite like that interface... I found it easy to use.

  16. I think my Sunday will be like your Saturday...a little bit of this and that and hopefully some sewing too.

  17. i voted! i love kristas full circle. have loved it for forever!

  18. Lovely progress on the retro flowers and it's nice to see your baskets are working!! Did you get a lie-in?!


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