Saturday, 17 December 2011

Winner time!

Thank you so much to all those who entered my little Giveaway, and thank you to Sew, Mama, Sew! for making it all possible.

OK, you want a name... and that name is.....

Congratulations Lucy!!!  Looking forward to meeting you in person!  Look the number of sleeps is up there on the top left!

This will all be on its way to you shortly...

I wish I had the time to make more prizes, so once the hubbub of Christmas and New Year has died down, I'll sort something out, promise!

Enjoy your weekend everybody xxx


  1. Congratulations Lucy!! and thank you Hadley!

  2. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you, thank you!! I know I'm slightly overemotional at the moment but I can't help crying tears of joy!! I love the things you make and am so thrilled to have won! Now what can I do to get my husband to buy me that ticket??

  3. Congratulations, Lucy! Lucky girl!

  4. Yay for Lucy! Its a bumper awesome bundle of goodies :-)

  5. I just can't believe 'picking my nose' wasn't the winning number. Can I demand a recount?

  6. Yeah! Congratulations Lucy! And will Alison be picking her nose for the entire day or just when she's in the car?! (Ugh, don't you hate it when you're waiting at a red light and the driver in the next lane is having a good old dig round and trying to find his brain through his nostril?!!!)

  7. Congrats Lucy! So glad you're getting some of Hadley's goodies! Jxo

  8. Woohoo! So pleased for Lucy. A worthy winner.

  9. Oh no! How did I miss that one? Anyway, congrats to Lucy.


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